You"ll mental her as "Charlie Harper"s" one true love interest, "Chelsea Melini". The characters even came to be engaged prior to "Charlie"s" self-sabotaging nature kicked in! This is Jennifer Taylor, the actress behind "Chelsea" today... 



Jennifer Taylor in ~ the 27th annual Movieguide Awards Gala on 08 February 2019 - Hollywood, California.

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Two and also A half Men"s "Chelsea"

Jennifer Bini Taylor was born April 19th, 1972, in Hoboken, brand-new Jersey, and was raised in Coral Springs, Florida. She joined she high college football team and was runner-up two years in a row for miss out on Florida USA in 1995 and also 1996! Jennifer secured a BA in sociology yet knew early that she wanted to seek acting. 

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In the late 90"s she deserve a couple of supporting duties in significant films choose the Adam Sandler comedy The Waterboy and the warm thriller Wild Things alongside Denise Richards. She had a few spots on smaller TV shows and also films until she to be featured in a couple of episodes the Two and also a half Men, in reality playing different characters.


Jennifer Taylor and also Denise Richards in "Wild Things".

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Jennifer Taylor and also Two and A fifty percent Men

In what she believes is a beautiful sign from God she was available a recurring role on the display right together she was around to offer up top top Hollywood. She auditioned for the role of "Charlie Harper"s" genuine love attention (rare because that his womanizer character) and also she nailed it.

Jennifer has actually nothing but good things to say around her time on the show and also says in an interview with Medium the it "was among the finest things that ever happened to me."

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Since she time on Two and a fifty percent Men, Jennifer has been blessed come have great work on struggle shows prefer Burn Notice, NCIS, Shameless, and also even a spot on The Young and also the Restless!

She models, and frequents starring duties in addicted Lifetime films like Family Vanished, A deadly Romance, and The Perfect Boyfriend. The mommy of two loves her household life and also continues to act, model, and also even dabbles in archery!