fast Facts that Charles Latibeaudiere

Full NameCharles LatibeaudiereDate that Birth12 September, 1969BirthplaceNew York ProfessionProducerEducationArizona State University

If friend are among the followers of the popular online portal TMZ, then you might know its sister version, TMZ, on TV.

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And, Charles Latibeaudiere is among the executive, management producers, who is developing the channel since 2013.

Charles, who was born and also raised in brand-new York City, at this time resides in Hermosa Beach, California. That considers his Jamaican-Americans parents together his significant source the inspiration. Charles originally opted for a Biology major in college and also is a pan of the new York Yankees.

Married life v Wife, Barbara Sherwood

Charles Latibeaudiere exchanged a vow with his long-time girlfriend, Barbara Sherwood, on June 26, 2004. Moreover, your nuptials were held in the Catalina room in ~ the ‘Rancho Palos Verdes’ in California. His mam is tv show director by profession known for directing the news present Extra

Charles v his mam at a publicly event.Source: Zimbio

The couple first met in among the news channels where Charles served as a supervising producer, and Barbara to be the director of one news channel. ~ a couple of interactions, the couple eventually fell in love and also started dating.

The duo is together for much more than 15 years, but they space yet to shares any kind of children. Together of now, the pair space enjoying their married life and currently resides in Hermosa Beach, California. Also, discover the marital relationship life of Julie Gonzalo.

Net worth- $1 Million

The 50-year-old producer own a net worth of $1 million from his career as a TV producer. He earns nearly $128,000 native his job and also an extra an ext amount together bonuses and incentives.

Charles is best known together the producer that TMZ on Tv, the sister version of TMZ which market value is more than $100 million at the market. Similarly, Harvey Levin, one of the producer of TMZ ~ above Tv, has actually a complete net precious of $15 million.

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Latibeaudiere developed the news entertainment display for practically nine years prior to he left in 2007, wherein he monitor the production of end 2500 episodes. Later, he developed Veronica Mars in 2014, which was critically and commercially successful.

Collaboration v TMZ

In 2007, Latibeaudiere partnered through Harvey Levin and also Jim Paratore and created the television version of the famous online portal TMZ, which soon came to be a hit. That is transfer in two formats, the weekday edition of the half-hour program and a one-hour weekend edition.

Charles interviewed with Kanye West.Source: The Wrap

The producer regularly featured in the TMZ tv programs, and also he didn’t miss out on a single chance to do his channel a success. Back in 2018, he interviewed popular rapper and also singer Kanye West top top TMZ Live, which later turned out to it is in sour.


Charles Latibeaudiere was only 10 as soon as his parents divorced, and also he began living with his mother. He spent most of his summer in Jamaica indigenous the period of 10-17. More to that, he has closed his uncle, Russell, that taught him about poise and also public speaking.

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TMZ producer, Charles.Source: Getty Image

Charles is a substantial fan that baseball and also loves the town hall the brand-new York Yankees. Further, he like watching TV reflects in his complimentary time. In 2011, the inducted right into the “Bronx walk of Fame.”