The following morning, Ralph finds that only Piggy, Samneric, and some littluns continue to be in his camp. Brooding end the previous night"s events, the points the end to Piggy the they murdered Simon. Piggy objects come the use of the ax "murder" and doesn"t desire Samneric to understand that he and also Ralph were at the very least somewhat affiliated in the deadly dance. Samneric don"t desire to recognize their own involvement, either.

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Jack starts acting ever much more like a cruel dictator come his own tribe members, having actually one of the guys tied up and also beaten for angering him. The plans a raid top top Ralph"s camp to acquire fire for another pig roast and also tries to convince his uneasy followers the they had beaten but not eliminated the beast the vault night. The beast had concerned them in disguise, that asserts, in utter denial that they had actually killed among their former group.

Back at Ralph"s camp, the guys decide come let the fire die for the night rather than collect an ext wood in the dark. Since Jack and also his raiders can"t steal burn branches, they assault Ralph"s group and also steal Piggy"s glasses.


This chapter reveals the boys" responses to their actions the the night before, when they win Simon to fatality in a defect frenzy. Ralph is the only character that names the deed as murder and has a realistic, unvarnished watch of his participation. Ago at the platform, that takes a seat in former of the chief"s log fairly than ~ above it and contemplates the horror of what they"ve done. The feels both loathing and also excitement over the death he witnessed, together Jack competent the very first time he eliminated a pig. That shudders in ~ Piggy"s touch top top his shoulder; humanity has let him down. Placing the piece together, that recalls the parachuted number drifting off the night before and Simon"s shouting about a dead man on the mountain, musing that the life-like figure they observed on the mountaintop can have been the dead paratrooper fairly than an yes, really animal-beast. Obtaining to the love of the matter, that says, "I"m frightened. The us."

Although he originally owns approximately his active role in the fatal dance, as a defense mechanism, Ralph willingly bring away the possibility Piggy gives him come deny full participation, entering into a kind of useful denial. When Piggy reminds Ralph the he himself continued to be on the outside of the circle, Ralph tries to amend his position as well, now claiming that he, too, to be on the external of the circle and so can not have done together much damages as the guys in the within ring.

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Piggy is in full-fledged refusal of anyone"s responsibility, unable to procedure the death without blaming Simon because that his look at odd behavior. Ever the pragmatist, Piggy complains, "What good"re friend doing talking like that?" when Ralph bring up the very charged problem of Simon"s fatality at your hands. True, his authorized is rather limited; as Ralph mentions, Piggy continued to be on the exterior of the circle. Golding doesn"t administer a reason as to why Piggy continued to be on the outside, even if it is his place was because of his physics inability to make his method into the inside circle or even if it is he just wasn"t able come tap right into the animality that the much more physically abled boys or both. Golding, however, does encompass Piggy in the damning summary of the boys as they sit top top the platform the morning, v the sun shining on their "befouled bodies."

Piggy make the efforts to keep life scientific and intellectual, despite the ahead night"s emotionally fee incident, "searching for a formula" to describe the death. That asserts the the assault on Simon to be justifiable due to the fact that Simon asked because that it through inexplicably crawling the end of the forest into the ring. Piggy, the course, is unaware the Simon had actually to crawl due to the fact that his visionary confrontation through the true beast had so dilute him.