Marlene Kamakawiwoʻole ended up being famous together the wife of popular Hawaiian sovereignty activist and also musician Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. His hits end The Rainbow, Hawai’i ’78, In This Life, What A wonderful World, and also Maui Hawaiian Sup’pa guy won the understanding of millions of civilization worldwide. Marlene and also Israel had actually been happy married for almost 15 years prior to his suddenly death. What do you know around her?


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She was born in 1962. Unfortunately, there is no info revealing her precise birthdate.

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Nonetheless, the is known that she is quiet alive. Together of 2021, Marlene Kamakawiwoʻole’s period is 59 years.

Marlene Kamakawiwoʻole’s network worth

Marlene Kamakawiwoʻole now has a network worth of $3 million. She inherited it after she husband’s death.


When it involves her relationships, Marlene was married to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, a Hawaiian entertainer, musician, and also sovereignty activist.

Israel released four studio albums and four compilation albums. His album encountering Future is still thought about the best-selling Hawaiian album of every time. His songs Somewhere over the Rainbow and also What A Wonderful civilization became worldwide hits and were featured in numerous films and television shows, including ER, Glee, Lost, Scrubs, and also Life top top Mars.

Marlene and Israel bound the node in a exclusive ceremony in 1982. Marlene supported her husband, that struggled with weight problems his whole life. The weighed as much as 757 pounds (343 kg) at one point. His load caused numerous health problems, including heart and also respiratory issues. Together a result, he to be hospitalized several times.


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In June 1997, Israel was hospitalized in ~ the Waianae Coast comprehensive Health Center. Top top 26 June, the singer tragically passed away as a an outcome of obesity-related complications. At the time, he to be 38 years old.

Following Israel's death, Marlene and also businesses such as The Honolulu Advertiser presented the centre v a check. The health and wellness centre received $60,000 for the care that it listed for the legend musician.

Rich Bettini, the health and wellness centre's chief executive, management officer, commented on your gift together follows:

What this money will do will go towards our new building fund. We hope to break ground later this summer.

In his house state that Hawaii, Israel is still recognized as the "voice the Hawaii." He to be laid to remainder in the Hawaii State Capitol building. His ashes were later on scattered right into the Pacific s at Makua Beach.

Marlene had no other relationships ~ Israel's death. She committed herself entirely to raising their child.


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Marlene Kamakawiwoʻole’s daughter

Marlene and Israel invited one child together. Their daughter’s name is Ceslieanne "Wehi" Kamakawiwo’ole. She was born in 1983.

She is now about 38 years old. She is a married mrs now. Wehi is the mother of 5 children. 2 of her youngsters – Kiara and Elijah Parker-Kamakawiwo'ole – additionally like music.

Their favourite instrument is the ukulele. They commonly participate in regional festivals. When commenting on her kids’ love that music, Wehi said:

Instruments aren’t my thing, yet to see this reflect in my children is really bittersweet. That untouchable in terms of exactly how to explain it and how it causes me come feel. But it is an extremely comforting to check out there is a have fun of him in prior of me, every day, through my children.

Her kids know your grandfather’s songs, even though they never ever knew him.

Marlene Kamakawiwoʻole has continued to live a quiet life far from the media and also public attention because her husband's death.

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