There room at least 79 car makes, past and also present, that start with the letter D.

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The bulk of these provides are foreign, yet there room still a number of them — both domestic and also foreign — that are still in production and also are fairly well-known.

One the the an initial automobiles to be created that started with a D to be the Delamare- Debuutteville (1884). A much more well-known make, the Daimler, came right into existence in 1889. The first American "D" automobile was developed by the Duryea Motor agency in 1893. Slightly later, the French do Dion-Bouton was produced, which eventually ended up being the Renault.

Dodge and De Soto

In 1914, a "D" vehicle came right into production the is still renowned today: the Dodge. That was followed a few years later on by the De Soto, i beg your pardon has since stopped production. In the Roaring Twenties, the Duesenberg was a favourite for those who might afford one.

De Lorean and also Datsun

The 1950s and 60s experienced the advent of the De Lorean of "Back come the Future" fame, if the ultra-practical Datsun from Japan make its debut. The Datsun surname has due to the fact that been adjusted to Nissan however there are rumors the brand could stage a return.

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