Cars that begin with the letter “W” include modern vehicles prefer the Jeep Wrangler and also classic cars choose the Jeep Wagoneer, Wanderer W50, Wartburg 353 and also Wolseley Wasp. These cars variety from rough all-terrain vehicles to classy saloon cars.

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The Jeep Wagoneer came before the Jeep Wrangler and also was designed together a family vehicle. The very first Wagoneers came out in 1962 together a 1963 model. It was the very first off-road car to have actually an independent prior suspension. It come in all-wheel and also rear-wheel drive variants. The was eventually replaced through the Jeep cool Cherokee in 1991. However, it would certainly reappear in 1993 as a different of that year’s cool Cherokee model.

Wanderer Vehicles

Wanderer Werke AG was a German company that began off as a bicycle company in 1885. The firm began creating auto designs in 1905. The agency merged with Horsch, Audi and also DKW in 1932 to form Auto Union, among Germany’s biggest auto manufacturers. Wanderer went out of organization at the start of people War II, and also its factories were bombed in 1945.

The Wanderer W10 had actually a four-cylinder, 30-horsepower engine and also was modified right into the six-cylinder W11. Other models incorporate the Wanderer W25 and also W25K Sports. 

Wartburg 353

The Wartburg series of car takes its surname from the castle close to the manufacturing facility in Eisenach, Germany, where the collection was very first made. Wartburg constructed cars till it was obtained by BMW in 1928. However, after world War II and also the development of eastern Germany, BMW abandoned the factory. The Soviet authorities quickly put pre-war designs back into production, resulting in a collection of east Bloc BMW knockoffs. 

The Wartburg 353 was a midsize family members car and also perhaps the most successful of these vehicles. Very first made in 1966, the 353 was produced for 25 years, nearly until the autumn of the Berlin Wall. An updated version dubbed the Wartburg 1.3 stayed in manufacturing until 1991. It could accelerate from zero come 69 mile in 12 seconds. 

Its straightforward engine architecture and vast storage room led to a saying the the 353 drove prefer a auto but was preserved like a motorcycle. While it was nicknamed “The Barrel” for its shape and also poor steering, the was also called “Trustworthy Hans” because that its reliability. The key weakness that the auto was the lack of sound dampeners.

Wolseley Wasp

Originally founded in Sydney, Australia, as the Wolseley Sheep-Shearing maker Company, the future manufacturer the the Wolseley Wasp moved to England in 1899. The slowly broadened into vehicle production. Through the breakout of people War ns in 1914, the firm Vickers had bought out the vehicle production component of the Wolseley business and adjusted its surname to the Wolseley engine Car company (WMCS). While WMCS readjusted owners number of times throughout the interwar period, it ongoing to produce cars, consisting of the Wolseley Wasp. 

The Wasp began production in 1935 together an boosted version of the Wolseley Nine. If the Wasp had the same four-door saloon body, it had actually slightly more horsepower. The wasp was already phased the end by 1936 for brand-new models well-known as the series cars.

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Jeep Wrangler Series

Jeep Wrangler vehicles map their roots back to armed forces trucks offered during people War II and also the CJs (short for “Civilian Jeep”) presented to the public shortly afterward. The Wrangler heat premiered in 1986 and also was designed as a Jeep for day-to-day use quite than focusing on off-road travel. The 4th iteration that the Wrangler, the JL, premiered in 2018.