Whether you have forgotten extra contact lens equipment on a trip or just failed to buy it while you were out, detect a perfect substitute is imperative. You absolutely can’t sleep in contacts, and you don’t desire them come be destroyed either.

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Having worn call lenses because that years, I have actually been forced to get an innovative a few times. Luckily, there room a couple of easily accessible options out there the will execute the trick.

Before we obtain started, if you want to go ahead and also order some brand-new contact lens solution, simply click here to check out the most popular brands.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide


If there’s one outstanding replacement for having to purchase lens options that disinfect and cleans your lenses, it’s hydrogen peroxide. This is component of a lens cleaning kit that has very different warehouse for her lenses. It includes a catalytic platinum key that’s inserted into the call lens case. What you execute is just fill-up each lens situation with ordinary hydrogen peroxide. This is the exact same stuff you use for cleaning cuts and also scratches on her skin.

What the hydrogen peroxide does will aid to clean your call lens overnight. The little bubbles that form on the lens space washed away, however there is one more an essential point come this method. The catalytic platinum disc help to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide within 5 hours. It helps rotate the hydrogen peroxide into a neutralized liquid. In the morning, the contact lens is for sure to put back into your eye again.

This is a one-step procedure that is less complicated to regulate than buying numerous cleaning and also wetting solutions. If you uncover yourself in a situation where friend ran the end of hydrogen peroxide, it’s not difficult to find. You most likely have actually it under your bathroom sink or within a first-aid kit. In a pinch, every restaurant or bar will have this liquid readily on-hand. Therefore this way, you can take out your contacts before you gain home.

Helpful Tip: equipment designed especially for lenses is always the best way to go. A convenient method to get good contact lens equipment is to order native Amazon. Below is a really an excellent brand that ns recommend, especially designed for perceptible eyes.

2. Saline equipment (Saline sleep Spray)


This is a great solution that can be used for overnight contact lens storage. Frequently you can discover this solution in 2 forms. The an initial comes indigenous an aerosol nasal spray intended for babies through stuffed-up noses. If you have actually friends with small children, they’ll know precisely what you are talking about.

This can then be sprayed into your call lens instance or a tiny cup, and your call lenses deserve to be save on computer overnight.

The second version that this comes in one applicator bottle v a squeeze drop-top. It’s the same precise saline equipment in pure liquid form instead of being in a pressurized spray form. Both of this are good alternatives since they space PH balanced enough for your eyes. The salt content is virtually the same as your own tears would be. The next day you’ll have to go to the save to to buy the continuous lens equipment to clean your lenses properly.

3. Distilled water


If you have actually a an important situation and also you’ve entirely run-out of contact lens solution, climate you deserve to use distilled water. This have to only be supplied for one night. Make certain you can obtain the right supplies by the next day. The little case that your contacts get in is perfect for holding distilled water rather of clean solution. ~ that, you’ll have to disinfect and also clean your lenses together usual.

You can’t use constant tap water because this deserve to contain bacteria. Because you don’t know what’s in madness water, it deserve to lead to Acanthamoeba keratitis. This is a significant infection that the cornea and also will need prompt eye treatment. These come in the kind of medicated eye drops to kill the amoeba life on your cornea. In the worst cases, it have the right to lead come cornea surgical treatment or possible blindness if not treated in time.

So because that all will purposes, don’t use tap water, bottled water, feather water, or mineral water! Distilled water is the pure of all types of bottled water since it uses steam distillation come filter plain water. It has no minerals or bacteria within it, do it an excellent temporary systems to keep your call lens overnight. This water is discovered at any supermarket or pharmacy, yet finding it after continuous closing hours will it is in challenging.

If girlfriend Can’t find Distilled Water

If friend cannot uncover distilled water, over there is still hope. At many late-night gas train station or 24-hour stores, you deserve to find basic products that will certainly work. One alternative product is a spray mist the is used for refresh the skin. Weird enough, the product names encompass Evian mist spray or moisturizing spray. You would certainly be surprised what they sell at the check-out counter or this places.

The point is the this spray is bacteria-free and also can be a decent substitute if castle don’t sell distilled water. One can is sufficient to to fill your contact lens instance with sufficient mist water to save them overnight. Be recommend this spray mist is no cheap, yet in a pinch will be much better than nothing.

4. Eye refreshing Drops


If the store you space visiting doesn’t have any kind of kind that lens solution, you can constantly find eye fall of some sort. If they have Visine eye fall (Example shown on Amazon), intended to soothe your eyes, this is far better than nothing at all. Girlfriend can uncover these eye drops at many convenience stores.

Usually, these eye drops space at the check-out counter somewhere on the assorted shelves because that pain relief or sneeze medicine. While many of these are saline-based, don’t expect they will also clean the lenses. You’ll have actually to discover these cleansing options at the larger pharmacy-based shop in the morning.

5. Home-Made Saline Solution


If you have actually a situation where there is no distilled water, you can make sterilized water by utilizing tap water. Right into a tiny boiling pot, just include 1 cup that tap water and also bring it come a cook on the stovetop.

To be sure you’ll death all the germs:

Let the salt dissolve completely into the water.

Mix the water using a clean spoon and also then pour it into a tiny jar as soon as it’s cool enough. Having actually sterile water choose this ensures that no microscopic germs had a opportunity to survive. It’s different than just boiled water because that drinking due to the fact that your stomach produce acids. Her eyes, however, don’t have actually the capacity to fight-off madness water bacteria.

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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that these substitutes are only meant to obtain you with one night until you have the right to go to buy the actual thing. Actual contact lens solution has well-balanced ingredients perfect designed come preserve and clean lenses when they room being stored. Please do not use these substitutes lengthy term! Be certain to get a high quality solution particularly designed because that contacts. Below is my favorite brand, highly recommended!

I expect this write-up has to be helpful. Many thanks for stoppin’ by!

Disclaimer:I am not a medically trained eye doctor. Be certain to call your eye doctor directly if friend have any kind of eye issues. Improper clean or storagecan potentially reason eye issues, so use the alternatives on this perform at your very own risk.