Polyurethane is a appropriate finishing formula for different species of wood structures. It uses protection come the surfaces, maintaining them for sure from impacts and scratches. If girlfriend can apply polyurethane well, the will give your surface ar a beautiful glossy appearance. What if you have actually a surface with glossy paint, Can You put Polyurethane end High Gloss Paint?

Yes, girlfriend can apply a polyurethane complete to any paint or stain noted the painted surface ar is totally dry and also applied correctly. The paints incorporate different types of semigloss paints- latex, acrylic, and oil-based.

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If you have actually a surface ar containing glossy paint and looking to offer it a final finish, polyurethane have to be up there with various other finishes that you might think about for this project. Ensure that you use two thin coats that polyurethane, giving sufficient drying time between the coats.

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How carry out I acquire a High Gloss Polyurethane Finish?Conclusion

How to apply Polyurethane end Paint

Overall, you need to use one or 2 layers of polyurethane to a painted surface ar if you room looking to provide it extra protection and beauty. If yellowing of polyurethane worries friend then take into consideration using water-based polyurethanes.

NOTE: Overall, Oil-based polyurethane evens the end to offer a smoother finish contrasted to the water-based one. Water-based polyurethane, top top the various other hand, dries way faster than the oil-based one.

Feel cost-free to apply polyurethane over any type of paint type. Also so, ensure the the painted surface ar is clean and also prepared adequately. Below are the crucial steps that you must observe also as friend look come polyurethane over her painted surface:


If you room looking come polyurethane over a freshly painted surface, you require to permit the paint to cure an initial before using the poly finish. Various paints have various curing times, for this reason ensure the you check yours native the manufacturer’s label. Top top average, paints take about 7 days come cure.

Step One: Clean the Painted You desire to apply Polyurethane


If the surface ar was painted a while back and not fresh, you need to start by clean to remove grease or any form of imperfection making use of a strong detergent solution. One together is trisodium phosphate, mix 1/2 cup the this compound v one gallon of warmth water and also use a rag to scrub the surface. The cleaning activity deglosses the finish and also helps store it clean. A clean surface ar ensures a appropriate adhesion between the surface and the formula.

Step Two: Scuffing the Cleaned Surface

Once you have actually cleaned the surface, let it dried then usage 120-grit sandpaper come etch the surface. Therefore why is that? The idea here is to flatten the sheen slightly without necessarily bring about deep scratches that can end up showing once your polyurethane end up cures. You have the right to use any method that functions for you come scuff the surface. You deserve to use her hands or even wood sander. In case you are working top top a large area like a wood floor, it would be best and also easy if you are using a floor buffer and a 120-grit sanding screen. Wipe the sanding dust away with a wet rag or tack cloth.

Step Three: choose Your an approach of Application.

The best method to use both oil- or water-based polyurethane is through the use of a brush or spray. Much as friend can use this formula making use of a roller, I’d advise that you prevent using it. Rollers will leave bubbles that cures v the polyurethane to give a much less impressive look.

For the best result, prevent thinning the polyurethane before you spray. Usually, you will uncover the polyurethane thin enough for applications by spraying. Including thinner come the formula makes it run.

Step Four: apply One class the Sand Lightly

After applying the first thin great of polyurethane, permit it come dry together per the manufacturer’s reference then use 120-grit sandpaper to scuff the lightly. Scuffing helps through the remove of small dust particles. Additionally, the flattens any kind of bubbles that can have developed in the finish.

Step Five: using the 2nd Coat.

Usually, 2 coats the polyurethane are sufficient to execute the job. Much more than that can not be vital whatsoever. After applying the 2nd layer, enable it to dry as per the referral by the manufacturer. 24 hrs is enough time, after i m sorry you have the right to walk over her surface. Ensure the you are walking on the surface with clean bare feet.

Can I put High Gloss Polyurethane over Semi-gloss?

Yes, you can. However, if the gloss is less than a day old, I’d recommend that you perform a light sanding come etch the surface so that the subsequent coat adheres. In case the surface is shiny, and also you don’t like it, you can use a 4 candlestick (0000) steel wool to obstacle it down. Rubbing under helps remove the shine there is no leaving scratches top top the surface. 

NOTE: Rubbing down is an extremely different native sanding, and also you should not confuse the 2 or consider sanding as an alternative. If you intended to apply one more coat, permit the very first one to dry, sand lightly, then apply the 2nd coat.

How perform I get a High Gloss Polyurethane Finish?

If you are looking to achieve a high gloss polyurethane finish, use only one thin coat. Follow that by removing any kind of dust nibs indigenous the surface using 1,500-grit sandpaper or a brown document bag. Conclude by a polishing pad. Usage the pad come buff the end up to a high shine v automotive paste wax.

Watch the video clip below on exactly how to apply polyurethane:

What form of Paint can You Appy over a Polyurethane treated Surface?

You have the right to use any kind of paint ~ above a polyurethane treated surface noted the surface is pretreated and also ready to expropriate the paint. Paints perform not stick correctly to a poorly ready polyurethane surface.

Here space the different types of paints and polyurethane surfaces they best fit:

Acrylic Latex Paint

Acrylic latex paint is the perfect formula for primed exterior polyurethane treated frameworks that execute not encounter great duress such together foot traffic.

Oil-based Enamel Paint

Oil-based enamels space the ideal if girlfriend are trying to find polyurethane cure surfaces the will experience a most duress and also increased website traffic levels.


I’d recognize when you desire to give your high gloss painted surfaces a various finish when it will a point. It might be because you desire to try something new or offer your surface-enhanced protection and beauty. There space so countless finished the end there in the industry that girlfriend can apply over your painted surface, what if you space thinking of using a poly finish?Can You placed Polyurethane over High Gloss Paint?

Yes, the is okay to use polyurethane over all kinds that paints. It would be best if you embarked on the procedural ideologies highlighted previously in this post to ensure the you gain the finest finish possible. Ensure you sand your surface slightly before application. Also, stop rollers to minimize the chance of bubbling.

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