In our organization writing classes, world often want response to this burning question:

Is it acceptable to begin a sentence with words and or but?

The price is yes. It is perfect acceptable to start sentences with the conjunctions and and but. However, the is slightly informal. If formality is her goal, choose much more formal language.


But we expect to write an agreement today.(no comma necessary after but)


However, we look forward to composing an agreement today.

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Nevertheless, us look front to perfect the commitment today.


And Clare knows exactly how to compose a an excellent report.(no comma required after and)


In addition, Clare is expert in composing reports.Furthermore, Clare is a skillful report writer.

There’s one dominance you do need to follow: Meet her reader’s needs. for example, if her supervisor (or your supervisor’s supervisor) doesn’t provide of start a sentence v a conjunction, stop it. ~ all, the or she is just one of your most prominent readers.

But here’s one alternative: Why not lug out terrific reference hands-on and try to carry out some super development?

And if you require help, email me!

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