Facebook users, an especially those who have been making use of Buy & Sell teams to market their pets for years, are suddenly see the response you watch in this image.

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What is Happening? on facebook users, particularly those who have actually been making use of Buy & Sell groups to offer their animals for years, room suddenly see the an answer you watch in this image.

This denial does no come from the group admins, yet rather directly from Facebook.

Where is this happening?

All end Facebook, yet focus appears to be on buy & Sell teams through Facebook, anywhere the world that use the “Sell Something” feature to perform animals, animal services and even some animal products for sale or adoption. The example you watch was an ad for speak lessons.



Rejected write-up made by an horse Coach giving riding class in a Facebook team using the “Sell Something” feature

But whereby is this rule? ns cannot find it in the community Guidelines!

And friend won’t discover it there. The preeminence exists on Facebook’s business Policy page. That is practically an “orphan” web page it is not connected to by any kind of of Facebook’s help pages. In reality if you use a Backlinks checker, it appears everyone else web links to it except the rare circumstances on Facebook.



But I simply want to offer a bunny, I’m not in business. This commerce Policy doesn’t apply to me!

Yes and no. The preeminence has been sitting there quiet unenforced for several years. When the business Policy has actually not been used much to on facebook groups, it has actually been provided in the screening of advocated posts and also other advertising on Facebook. Together of October 2016, Facebook has actually a new reason to use the dominance to group posts.

What changed? Why room they now enforcing the half on marketing animals and animal solutions on Facebook?

Facebook Marketplace. It is what changed. As soon as Facebook launched it’s Marketplace in the loss of 2016, they wanted to carry to the civilization a powerful resource for buying and selling every little thing from pots and pans to cars and also houses. Except animals. And, that course, every the normal banned item such together guns, drugs, sex and all the illegal or regulated things of the world.

Their aspirations were to take on the big hitters in the market like CraigsList, Ebay and also Kijiji. The potential profits from a successful platform that has actually billions that ads to be mind blowing.

But the launch of Marketplace was a little embarrassing. Facebook’s own mark Zuckerberg had actually to do a public apology because that the quite appalling and often man content

In Pittsburgh, a deserve to of beer was detailed for $25. In London, someone to be trying to “sell” his pregnant girlfriend for $400. And also in brand-new York, someone detailed “About 6 Oz. Water (Bottle no Included)” because that $56.

Facebook’s guidelines prohibit a dozen category of assets from being marketed on that is platform, consisting of drugs, animals, “adult items or services,” alcohol and also weapons. Back Marketplace is a new feature, civilization have always been able to buy and sell points on Facebook. Protecting against things prefer private total sales has been a difficulty before.

But Why Animals?

The competitors that on facebook is taking on, have currently taken measures to squeeze out or highly regulate anyone offering animals.

Craigslist go not allow pet sales and also restricts the amount fee on adoptions. Indigenous a partial perform of goods, services, and content prohibited on craigslist:

pet sales (re-homing with little adoption fees ok), pet parts, stud service

Kijij has actually taken a bit of a different stand, buy allowing pet revenue ads however charging a fee and also banning free pet ads.

Of course, top top eBay, animals are just plain not allowed. Other than worms. You can sell worms ~ above eBay.


Pressure from pet rights activists, lobbyist groups and the general public. Bad thing occur to innocent pets advertised for sale in faceless share ads.

Many the those voices space honest, caring civilization looking the end for the ideal interest that the animals. Others space sinister activist groups hell bent on forcing their an individual views that human being shouldn’t very own or eat animals. Period. Those groups use the the ethical caring human being by manipulating emotions to fit their very own agenda.

Right or wrong, in bespeak to present a communication that can compete, Facebook had to eliminate the animal factor native the start. Regrettably they failed miserably.

We at PETA very much love the animal companions who share our homes, however we believe that that would have been in the animals’ best interests if the college of “pet keeping” — i.e., breeding pets to it is in kept and also regarded together “pets” — never ever existed. The international pastime the domesticating animals has created an overpopulation crisis; as a result, numerous unwanted pets are destroyed every year as “surplus.”

Source: http://www.peta.org/about-peta/why-peta/pets/



Give lock time. Facebook has addressed the problem in two primary ways. With countless ads to go through, it just method if they haven’t deleted your pet for sale ad yet, it’s only a issue of time. First was fast implementation of algorithms come detect ads through anything to do with animals and animal services. The is overkill, rejecting every kinds the ads since of crucial words or even images. A guy posted a steed buggy for sale v a snapshot of a steed pulling it. The equine was not for sale, simply the buggy. It to be rejected till the animal policy. Second was the advance of a brand-new report option and encouraging Facebook individuals to assist them comb the Facebook teams to report ads selling animals.

What can I execute to avoid my articles from being deleted?

DON’T perform in any type of groups using the sell Something feature, choose “discussion” instead. Discussion posts are not fed come the Marketplace. This goes because that ANY ad posted to perform with animals. Stud services, coaches, trainers, even tack and also supplies. This is not guaranteed to work, yet it may help you remain under the radar because that a while.

DO think about posting your animal for sale on an outside platform and sharing the advertisement to your Facebook teams that allow that. Again, this is the kind of article that walk not get fed come the Marketplace.


Maybe. Although it is i can not qualify Facebook’s stand on no pets or pet services in the Marketplace will stand, we deserve to still lobby on facebook to come up v a deteriorate that will enable us to proceed using the groups and also our own profiles and also pages to buy and also sell pets of every kinds, there is no the ads being fed come Marketplace.

You deserve to sign this petition on Change.org

Get facebook to rescind the ban on pet sale posts

Facebook has actually banned animal for sale ads, it will certainly cause more horses being slaughtered, dogs and cats gift dumped.

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This adjust is poor for both pets and livestock. The chance to screen homes and get to recognize buyers and sellers will certainly be unable to do . Small, trusted breeders and also farmers will shed their primary location to sector their animals to good homes, forcing lock to turn to high risk alternatives like auctions. But the puppy mills and the irresponsible breeders will proceed as they constantly have, do money off the uninformed.