Sales of pickup trucks nationwide space on the rise, and also they have actually become more popular v a broad selection of buyers, including an ext women and also families.

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Much that this surge in popular is due to increased offerings in the pickup van segment, such together a softer ride, an ext comfort, enhanced convenience, and extr safety features.

In enhancement to the comfort functions being added to plenty of pickups, part consumers evaluate the energy a pickup truck offers when moving, traveling, transporting cargo, or participating in recreational tasks that call for a convenient method to move equipment.

One downside to owning a pick-up van is the there may be less room because that passengers come sit in seats inside the cab. For that reason, that is not unusual to see world riding in the behind cargo area (the “bed”) the a pickup truck.

However, typical sense have to prevail once deciding even if it is to journey in the bed that a pickup truck. When considering speak in the bed that a pickup, there space two important questions:

What is the regulation in Virginia for passengers riding in a pickup van bed?Is it a an excellent idea come ride in the bed of a pickup truck?

What is the regulation in Virginia about riding in the earlier of a pickup?

Virginia law specifies a pickup truck as:

Every motor automobile designed for the transport of property and also having a registered gross weight of 7,500 pounds or less or (ii) every motor car registered for an individual use, designed to transport residential property on its own structure elevation of any type of other vehicle, and also having a registered gross load in overfill of 7,500 pounds yet not in overabundance of 10,000 pounds.

Virginia password §46.2-1156.1 prohibits the transportation of people under 16 years of age “in the behind cargo area of any pickup van on the highways that Virginia.”

However, there room two small exceptions to the prohibition.

It is permissible for persons under 16 to journey in the bed that a pickup during details authorized parades.It is permissible for persons under sixteen to ride in the bed the a pickup for very limited purposes in connection with agriculture operations.

Should ns ride in the bed of a pickup truck?

Frankly, even if girlfriend qualify as someone who deserve to legally journey in the ago of a pickup van under Virginia law, should you?

As questioned above, while some persons room authorized to ride in the earlier of a pickup van under Virginia law, the is an extremely dangerous and also should be avoided at any time possible.

Why talk in the earlier of a pickup truck is unique dangerous

The bed the a pickup truck is draft to transport cargo, and it is no designed for the comfort or safety demands of passengers.

There room no airbags, seatbelts, or protective stole beams to safeguard those talk in the pickup bed. There is nothing to avoid passengers speak in the pickup bed from being ejected native the car during an accident.

According to the American Academy that Pediatrics, persons who space injured as soon as traveling in cargo locations of pickup trucks are an ext likely to sustain lot of injuries and injuries of greater severity, and have a higher likelihood of fatality than occupants in the cab.

Naturally, one of the most worrying safety issues when traveling in a pickup bed is the threat of ejection of a passenger in a crash or also a non-crash occasion (such together a sudden protect against or turn).

According to an NHTSA report on passenger auto fatalities, 83 percent that passenger automobile occupants who were totally ejected native vehicles were killed. In addition, the NHTSA reported that in between 2008 and 2017, unrestrained pickup truck occupants had actually the highest rate the fatalities as contrasted with other car types.

The variety of injuries, the severity of the injuries, and also the hazard of death are all significantly increased through riding in a cargo bed fairly than in the cab the a pickup truck. Even when the legislation permits passenger in the cargo bed, safety pertains to should it is in a significant consideration.

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