Corn top top the cob is a clip food item when it comes to BBQs, steak dinners, and picnics.

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I love food preparation corn ~ above the cob and also having it as a wholesome side dish with my tangy Mexican-style steaks.

The sweet of the corn is just right to counter the tanginess the the mexico sauce.


However, I have a tendency to walk a little bit overboard when it comes to cooking corn ears and also given my love for them, I always end increase cooking more than my household can have in one sitting.

So, I end up save the corn for later use.

When I gain the advice to eat it again, I simply reheat it and use that in assorted dishes or eat it as is.

If you are wondering how to reheat corn on the cob, then you have concerned the ideal place.

How to Reheat Corn top top the Cob

There are many ways to warmth up corn on the cob; you have the right to reheat it in the microwave, oven, end the stovetop, and also on the grill.

Every an approach that I have mentioned right here is pretty basic to follow, so girlfriend can pick whichever you discover easier.

So, let’s look at every the various methods come reheat corn ~ above the cob.

Microwave It

Here’s just how you have the right to reheat cob corn in the microwave:

Things You will certainly NeedMicrowave-safe dishA plastic plunder of a wet towelMelted butter (optional)Corn ~ above the cobA soft pastry brushInstructionsPut the corn top top a microwave-safe dish.Gently wrap it through a plastic pave or a warmth towel.Set the timer of your microwave for 10 and 20 secs bursts that power. This will warm up the kernels instead of popping or dividing them open. Keep setting the timer come reheat the corn until it is nice and warm. Overall, if you ar your microwave on 50%, the approximate time it will take to reheat the corn will be about 2 minutes.Immediately eliminate the food from the microwave as soon as the corn has actually warmed up.

Pro tip: If you desire to improve the smell of the corn, you have the right to lightly brush it with melted butter prior to reheating it.

Bake It

This is absolutely my favorite method to reheat cooking corn ~ above the cob. However, the does take longer to reheat corn in the oven than in the microwave. Here’s just how you can reheat corn in the oven:

Things You will NeedMelted butterA soft pastry brushCorn top top the cobSalt and also pepperA teaspoon of waterInstructionsPreheat your cooktop to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.Take a couple of pieces that aluminum foil the are large enough to quickly wrap around each corn ear.Place the corn ear on the silver paper sheets and also use a pastry brush to use some melted butter on them.Season the corn ears v salt and also pepper (you can also use some other seasoning of your choice) and add a tespoon of water come it.Nicely wrap the aluminum sheet approximately the corn ears. Make sure to extensively wind the ends so that steam can’t escape.Put the corn ears in the stove for roughly 5 come 7 minutes.Slightly open one ear pack to check out if it has warmed up or not. If the hasn’t, then make certain to rewrap it and also place it back in your cooktop for a little much more time. Once the corn ears have actually warmed perfectly, eliminate them from the oven and enjoy!

Pro Tip: If you desire to reheat boiled, unseasoned corn ~ above the cob, climate make sure to brush some melted butter and also milk on it before reheating it via the technique mentioned above.

This will help enhance the smell of the corn.

Boil It

Boiling corn ~ above the cob is also an easy means to reheat it. Here’s how you deserve to reheat corn ears on your stovetop:

Things You will certainly NeedA deep potCorn top top the cobA pair the tongsA offer platterSalt, pepper, and other seasonings if neededInstructionsOn your stovetop, location a deep food preparation pot through water in it and bring it to a boil.Once the water start boiling, slowly include each corn ear come the pot.Boil the corn until it is cook through. Because the corn is already cooked, this will certainly hardly take 2 to 3 minutes.Once the corn ears have actually heated through, use a pair the tongs to remove them from the boil water.Place the corn ears on a offer dish, season it v salt and also pepper or any other seasoning, and enjoy!

Grill It

If girlfriend grilled the corn the first time, you will certainly not have to boil or microwave it to reheat it. Instead, you can gain your grill going again and also reheat it.

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Here’s exactly how you can warm increase corn ~ above the cob on your grill:

Things You will NeedCorn on the cobA pastry brushMelted butterA pair the tongsInstructionsGet your grill going and when it’s nice and hot, ar the corn ears on it.You have the right to use a pastry brush come coat the corn v some melted butter.Make certain to save your eye top top the corn together it doesn’t take lengthy to warmth up.Use a pair of tongs to turn the cobs every 30 seconds until the corn ears space nice and warmed through.The corn will certainly be prepared to offer after two finish rotations every corn ear.

How to Reheat Frozen Corn top top the Cob

If friend took the end corn ears straight from the freezer, here’s just how you can conveniently reheat lock to offer to your family:

Things You will certainly NeedCorn ~ above the cobA big pot that waterA pair that tongsInstructionsPut the frozen corn ear in a deep pot and fill it through cold water.Put the pot on her stovetop and let the water pertained to a boil on high flame.Once the starts boiling, covering the pot and also lower the heat.Cook your corn on the cob for 5 to eight minutes.When the corn ears have actually sufficiently warmed, remove them native the hot water v a pair the tongs.Place them on a platter, season if required, and also serve!

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