Vaseline is a legendary petroleum-based protectant that is claimed to improve scaly skin as well as dry or cracked paws amongst other offers for dogs.

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How an excellent are the benefits?

The efficiency is actually debatable. What’s specific is that many human being (pet parents included) swear by Vaseline!

In any type of case, you’ll it is in happy to hear that it is seldom harmful. Only if your dog somehow regulated to eat a bunch would certainly it be concerning.

Vaseline deserve to Be provided On Dogs

Though over there is another product that we think is exceptional (which we’ll surname in a bit).

When applying Vaseline it’s essential to prevent licking, especially excessive licking. When petroleum jelly walk not have actually a high potential because that toxicity, eat a the majority of it could an outcome in her dog having an upset ship and/or diarrhea.

Licking may or might not it is in a aspect — it relies if the area being treated is quickly reached by your dog’s curious mouth!

Our Recommendation: an all-around far better alternative is natural and also organic ResQ skin treatment.

Petroleum Isn’t Poisonous

Over 140 year later and also Vaseline continues to be a well-known brand, yet it is not without controversy.

There is a surprising fact you must know around before using it on your dog:

Just favor mineral oil, the is a derivative the oil refining.

Sounds scary right?

Thankfully it’s not a trouble even though skin will absorb some petroleum jelly. Supposedly it’s no hazardous because carcinogenic elements have been removed.

Caution: Vaseline is not intended for interior use. Never put it in her dog’s ears or nose. Paws space fine.

Go easy With The Vaseline

While petroleum jelly is relatively safe, a fence is the it can have an the contrary intended effect. Acne is a an excellent example of this (although Fido probably isn’t self-conscious around pimples).

In every seriousness, Vaseline have the right to sometimes be counter-productive for her dog’s skin problems.

Some speak it blocks pores — sealing in existing moisture just which, in turn, can ultimately dry out the affected area.

Petroleum jelly, particularly when offered in excess, have the right to prevent healing because the skin may not be able to properly breathe. That is, after ~ all, only intended to it is in a protectant.

How about Other Ointments?

Vaseline is comparable to Neosporin in the dogs must not be spend it. Nevertheless, they deserve to both be used without incident.

Without discovering the reason(s) why you are considering Vaseline, us really can’t suggest you come the optimal treatment.

For every we recognize your dog can simply have actually scaly skin, allergies, Demodectic Mange (AKA Demodicosis) or any variety of dermatological conditions.

Have your vet do a check-up. Just then deserve to the finest treatment it is in prescribed.

Vaseline, much like Calamine lotion, have the right to only carry out so much. In fact, together we alluded come earlier, PJ may only defend vulnerable spot of skin.

Dog Shampoo to The Rescue

It is often the instance that a specially recipe shampoo, no Vaseline, yes, really helps to mitigate dermis issues in dogs.

Human shampoo, ~ above the various other hand, won’t be beneficial and also could in reality worsen the situation.

The Bottom Line

Petroleum jelly can be used on dogs. It’s not poisonous as long as you stop licking that Vaseline.

But injury is feasible if sufficient of the product gets in your dog’s mouth and also is ingested. Diarrhea is well-known to happen in together cases.

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Take basic precautions and also Vaseline is an alternative for cracked paws and also other mildly dry locations of the skin.