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My artist (who"s occupational I"ve checked and also had glowing references and been in company over 15 years) started painting the same day the textured wall surfaces (orange peel). Ns asked that if that"s ok due to the fact that the texture to be still an extremely wet. His answer was basically "we"re making use of a sprayer, so it"s much different than a roller or brush which would be a problem. Yet trust me, I"ve been paint 15 years and there is no concern with this. I wpuld never ever do miscellaneous foolish and risk losing business." ns trust the guy but this put up red flags because that me. Am ns wrong about the need for the joint compound (texture) come be completely dry prior to painting. Temp is 90 v moderate humidity. Indoor temp probably closer to 85
You can fudge a small but friend don"t want to repaint over wet texture. Sprayed texture walls look ideal if backrolled. The helps to work the paint right into all the cracks/crevices in the texture giving a better looking finish. If it was simply primer that was sprayed there is no backrolling it could be ok.

I wouldn"t paint over wet drywall mud, no matter if ns sprayed or rolled. Give it a day come dry. Everyone is in method too lot of a hurry nowadays. Everything needs time to dry, no matter what your painter says. And also I"ve been doing this because that over 40 years through glowing reports, if the really way anything. In various other words, do it right.Mike Hawkins
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firehawkmph, years earlier when ns painted part McDonald"s franchise stores, the franchise owner to be such a dolt (being type here) the he insisted that I repaint over freshly applied joint compound, i mean, that couldn"t have had an ext than one hour or two to dry. Yes, they were in a hurry to get the keep open, but, my god, painting over wet mud.........anyway, I explained what a chaos it would make that the walls. The didn"t desire to listen it. You have the right to imagine what taken place as the paint pulled the mud off the walls........ugh.

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