Can You sign up with the military With a GED? It"s a typical question when civilization are considering authorized the military. This article will display you all!

It’s a inquiry that many human being ask themselves as soon as they room considering involvement the military. Deserve to You sign up with the armed forces With a GED? deserve to I sign up with with no high school diploma? In this blog post, we will answer these concerns and more so that you deserve to make an notified decision around whether or no to enlist in the united States equipped Forces!

Enlisting in the military may be an vigorously competitive process. The military regularly requires a high college diploma, yet it is still feasible for girlfriend to end up being a member of the equipped services as soon as you hold a GED. The military enlists GED holders as lengthy as they meet a collection of requirements. Everything branch you are looking to join in, you still have to fulfill the age, citizenship, height and also weight, and legal requirements in stimulate to join the military. 

How deserve to you join the military with a GED?


To sign up with the army with a GED, you certainly need to undergo straightforward training for recruits that only host GED certificates. As result of the huge number of military candidates v GED certificates, there aren’t many obtainable positions. If it’s the case, your optimal an option in order to join the army is to complete 15 college credits.

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Although GED holders space still able come enlist in the military, they need to fulfill all various other qualifications the the details branch they are looking to serve in. 

Each branch the the military has tiers for recruits and also classifies every one of their recruits right into one of 3 categories:

Tier 1: Candidates who organize high school or college diplomas are typically classified as tier 1.

Tier 2: GED holders there is no diplomas and also high college dropouts space categorized as tier 2 recruits.

Tier 3: No GED or High institution diploma. This tier much more or much less is considered as no existing anymore.

For much more detail, the three tiers because that recruits to the army are together follow:

Tier 3 Recruit

There room considered nearly no Tier 3 recruits. The is rarely for Tier 3 recruits to sign up with the military. If you are planning to offer in the military and also you carry out not have a GED, it is highly recommended the you should study and pass her GED exam first. 

You have the right to get help with obtaining your GED with exercise tests online. It can help you have actually a an excellent preparation so that you deserve to earn her degree an ext easily and so you can have a much better chance the entering into the armed forces. 

Tier 2 Recruit

If you currently have a GED and considers involvement the military to acquire into the military, you need to know the each branch set its very own limits and also standards. For instance, if only much less than 1% the the annual recruits because that the air force are Tier 2 recruits, about 5% that the USMC (U.S. Marine Corps) are Tier 2. 

One that the greatest ways to help you get into such a little percentage the Tier 2 recruits, is to gain a good score on her ASVAB test. 

Tier 1 Recruit

It doesn’t matter if you have a GED or not once you have either a high institution diploma or 15 college credits. If it is the case, girlfriend are taken into consideration to be a Tier 1 recruit, and Tier 1 recruits get an initial to pick for any open positions.

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If you have a GED and also want to become a Tier 1 recruit, you need to earn 15 college credits. These credits carry out not need to be earned at a huge university or state-run school, but credits indigenous vocational, community, or organization colleges room possible. Before you apply to colleges to obtain 15 credits (which deserve to be perfect in one semester of school), remember come double-check v your recruiter to make certain that girlfriend are applying to a school that is recognized in programs that will certainly count in the direction of your 15 credits. 


The equipped Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is the an essential for a Tier 2 recruit to make the dream into the armed forces come true. Tier 1 recruits only need to score 31% or higher on the ASVAB, when Tier 2 recruits need to score 50% or higher. 

The ASVAB additionally provides grounds because that what you room qualified to carry out in each branch. If your score is good enough in details areas and shows knowledge or talent in those areas, you have the right to be recruited because that a specific job, which pretty much guarantees her recruitment. 

Fortunately, we’re below to help you through a device of considerable ASVAB practice tests. These exercise tests can aid you recognize where her strengths and also weaknesses are within the ASVAB and also let you understand if you’re walk to happen or not. Not only does it present your development on ASVAB topics, however it can help you create a custom study arrangement to job-related on areas that you need to improve, with precise chapters and pages to examine that will straight improve your score. 

Don’t forget our complimentary ASVAB practice test 2021, which is one of the best platforms to practice and is the optimal choice for those who desire to boost the avenues of involvement the Military.

Hope you’ve gained the price you’re spring for. Besides this post, we also have plenty of informational blog posts and a considerable ASVAB research guide. Inspect it out!