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Posted: may 9, 2008 in ~ 18:43 Quote Anyone rather hear around this? apparently you have the right to eat the rapper the gum come in through the gum and also it tastes better. A friend in one of my classes began doing it and he says it tastes a many better. I haven"t acquired a chance to try it yet because I don"t have any type of gum.So go anyone else execute this?

Posted: might 9, 2008 in ~ 19:08 Quote ns heard that too yet I haven"t tried it.

jonslater wrote:Anyone rather hear around this? supposedly you can eat the rapper the gum comes in through the gum and also it tastes better. A friend in among my classes started doing it and also he claims it tastes a lot of better. Ns haven"t gained a opportunity to shot it yet since I don"t have any gum.So does anyone else perform this?
Posted: might 9, 2008 at 19:54 Quote great find Ham, ns tried chewing it with the gum and it never dissolved. I was pissed with a item of gum with some crap in it.
Posted: may 10, 2008 at 5:29 Quote haha i always do it5 minutes of chewing and its completely gone.
Posted: may 10, 2008 at 10:41 Quote the tastes awful adn it renders the gum hard and also it damages my cracked tooth!
Posted: may 10, 2008 at 12:00 Quote I constantly leave the wrapper on, I"m not certain if it provides it taste any kind of different but it seems to make it last longer. After favor 5 minute of chewing friend cant also tell its there it simply blends in v the gum.
Posted: may 10, 2008 in ~ 15:36 Quote i told my girlfriend it to be 5 gum and also she tried eating the wrapper i beg your pardon is the kind of foil. Haha
Posted: may 11, 2008 in ~ 3:28 Quote ive never ever heard of stride gum until now (living in the UK i dont think its marketed here)but by the look at of the article ham posted, sounds prefer they can be chewed but maybe no swallowed..
Posted: may 11, 2008 in ~ 10:25 Quote over there is nothing wrong through it, however you might as well eat the receipt for the gum together well. Its just plain stupid.

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