Fish and seafood are one of the locations that pregnant woguys have to query frequently, bereason some sea creatures are difficult to classify. Octopus is acquiring popularity as a nutritious, high-protein food so unsurprisingly, pregnant womales desire to understand if they have the right to safely eat it.

Can pregnant woguys eat Octopus? Octopus is safe for pregnant womales to eat if it’s completely cooked, typically by boiling, grilling or baking. Octopus need to not be consumed in dishes wbelow it is raw or just marinated, or as soon as it’s undercooked.

Tbelow are plenty of means of cooking and serving octopus, so I’m detailing some of them below in this post, including once you must stop eating octopus in pregnancy.

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Can Pregnant Womales Eat Cooked Octopus? Octopus Dishes That Might Be Unsafe For Pregnant Women

Is Octopus a Shellfish?

The octopus is a mollusk in the cephalopod household, so it is often classed generically as ‘shellfish’ (source: Encyclopedia Brittanica), even though it doesn’t have actually a shell. Instead, the octopus has actually an inner ‘beak’, as squid do.

In food and cooking (and for pregnancy safety), an octopus can be treated the very same way as a lot of shellfish, in that it needs to be completely cooked to make it safe for pregnant women to eat.


Can Pregnant Woguys Eat Cooked Octopus?

Octopus is safe for pregnant woguys if it’s completely cooked before being offered. Even it’s fully cooked and served cold, it’s still safe if it’s been ready and stored properly.

Octopus is likewise safe for pregnant women if it’s cooked with other food in a dish like seafood stew or paella. Some examples of cooked octopus dishes that are OK in pregnancy are detailed below:

Grilled Octopus

This is just one of the many well-known means of serving octopus, particularly in Greece and Spain. Grilling octopus is generally a tasty way of making certain the octopus is fully cooked.

If you’re not sure if the octopus is done all the way through – reduced the thickest part in fifty percent and also inspect that the inside is hot and cooked all the means via. Typically, grilled octopus is safe for pregnant woguys to eat.

Boiled or Baked Octopus

Octopus is regularly boiled before being cooked again in a various approach, to attempt and tenderize it as it often has a chewy texture. Boiled Octopus is safe for pregnant woguys to eat if it’s totally cooked. Bear in mind that some large octopoffers can take longer than you can think to cook; up to an hour in some cases.

If you’re preparing an octopus yourself, test it by inserting a sharp knife, skewer or fork into the thickest component of the octopus (typically the top of the tentacle). If it’s tender all the way through, then it’s cooked.

Whole Baby Octopus

This is a delicacy served in many European nations and also past. Similar to squid, entirety baby octopoffers can be boiled, grilled or fried. So lengthy as they have actually been prepared effectively with the insides rerelocated from the head, then they are safe to eat as soon as totally cooked.

Fried Octopus Balls (Takoyaki)

This is a popular Japanese appetizer or snack food. The pieces of octopus in takoyaki are completely cooked as the balls are deep-fried, so they’re safe for pregnant women.

However, takoyaki is often offered via a sauce, sometimes a mayonnaise-based one, so inspect if the mayonnaise is made with pasteurized eggs prior to tucking in (for more on mayo, view my post on once mayonnaise is safe to eat in pregnancy).

Octopus Dishes That Might Be Unsafe For Pregnant Women

Since octopus have the right to be cooked in so many ways, tbelow are a few octopus dishes that may be unsafe for pregnant woguys to eat, depending on how it’s prepared. Here are a few examples:

Octopus Salad

Octopus that is fully cooked, then offered cold in a salad should be safe for pregnant womales to eat if it’s been stored effectively. This is commonly fine, however, bear in mind that if you’re eating out in a restaurant or similar, you need to be wary of pre-made salads.

Many type of types of pre-bagged or pre-reduced salads are even more prone to listeria contamination than those that are freshly prepared (source: Journal of Food Protection). If you desire to eat octopus salad, then it’s better all set at home, wbelow you can ensure that you’ve wamelted all the salad veg thoroughly yourself.


Octopus Carpaccio

Popular in Italy, Greece and various other Mediterranean nations, octopus carpaccio is thin slivers of dressed octopus, typically served cold. Carpaccio is frequently a raw dish, but, this varies as soon as it pertains to octopus.

Very frequently, the octopus will certainly be boiled before it’s sliced for carpaccio, though sometimes it might be offered raw. This must be checked because raw octopus is unsafe for pregnant women to eat because of the potential existence of harmful bacteria (sources: APA, NHS). If the carpaccio is made from boiled (cooked) octopus then it have to be safe to eat.

Marinated or Pickled Octopus

Like Carpaccio, this is prevalent in the Mediterranean as an antipasto or appetizer. Very regularly the octopus is cooked by boiling prior to being marinated, to improve the texture. However before, some typical recipes still speak to for the octopus (whether entirety baby ones or pieces) to be raw in the marinade.

Check through the restaurant or perboy that cooked it – if the octopus is raw, then protect against it. If it was cooked prior to being put in the marinade, then it must be safe to eat.

The existence of vinegar and other widespread marinade ingredients do have actually slight anti-bacterial properties (source: PubMed), yet not sufficient to make raw octopus safe enough for pregnant women to eat.

Octopus Sashimi

Octopus Sashimi is popular in Japanese cuisine, and like carpaccio and marinated octopus, it varies in its preparation. Octopus sashimi may have been boiled briefly initially to prepare it, in which situation it’s OK to eat if you’re pregnant.

However, if the octopus is offered raw (or even alive, in some situations if you’re eating it in Japan) then it must be avoided by pregnant womales.

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