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Last to update on September 27, 2021

Blue cheese is just one of those contradictory foodstuffs that can be both safe and unsafe for pregnant women, depending upon what type it takes. It’s all pretty confusing, therefore I’ve investigated blue cheese in information for this article.

Can Pregnant women eat blue cheese? Pregnant women need to avoid soft blue cheeses, even if they’re pasteurized. Difficult blue cheeses room safe in pregnancy if they’re made through pasteurized milk. Food made through blue cheese (like dressing) can vary.

As blue cheese is such a confuse area because that pregnant women, in this article I cover all the various ways you have the right to (or can’t eat blue cheese) in pregnancy and what to look out for. This post only encounters blue cheese, but if you want to learn more about eat all arrays of cheese, I composed a huge list the cheese types that room safe in pregnancy.

Covered in this Article:

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which Blue Cheese is for sure in Pregnancy?Which bowl or commodities Containing Blue Cheese are Pregnancy-Safe?

Which Blue Cheeses are Made from Pasteurized Milk?

It may surprise friend to learn that numerous blue cheeses are made from raw (unpasteurized) milk. Usually, they room aged for so lengthy that only the intended ‘blue’ mold and bacteria endure in them, rather than anything harmful.

However, soft blue cheeses are far an ext likely to contain listeria than hard cheeses because of their higher water content and also lower acidity, no matter exactly how long they space aged (source: NHS).

Subsequently pregnant women need to examine both pasteurization and also the structure of a blue cheese in order to identify whether or not it’s safe to eat.

Pasteurized blue cheeses include Stilton, many commercially-produced blue (or bleu) cheese crumbles, and many types of hard, crumbly cheese like Danish Blue.

Blue cheese made from raw (unpasteurized) milk include Roquefort and some version of Gorgonzola. However, even if it is they’re for sure or no in pregnancy relies on assorted factors questioned below.

Which Blue Cheese is for sure in Pregnancy?

Unlike numerous other foods, the safety of blue cheese in pregnant doesn’t exclusively depend on whether it’s pasteurized or not. It likewise depends on even if it is it is soft (containing an ext water) or a difficult cheese. Difficult blue cheese is safe for pregnant women to consume if it’s do from pasteurized milk, together it has actually a much lower chance of harboring any kind of listeria.

Advice different in different countries:

The American pregnancy Association quote the center for an illness Control and Prevention in the USA in saying that pregnant women deserve to eat soft blue cheeses, if they’re make from pasteurized milk.

However, the nationwide Health business in the united Kingdom says that pregnant women should avoid any soft, blue-veined cheese, pasteurized or not. They point out that the only way to do soft blue cheese safe is to chef it.

In Australia, pregnant women space told to stop all soft and also semi-soft blue cheeses, also if pasteurized (source: Food criter Australia).

When I acquired my certification in Nutrition and also Lifestyle in pregnant from LMU (Munich) the advice to be the same as the UK: that pregnant women need to avoid all soft cheeses, also if they room made with pasteurized milk.

In 2013 The Annals the Nutrition and also Metabolism Journal published a German record which additionally stated: “Raw meat products, acting fish and soft cheeses, likewise those do from pasteurized milk, present a high hazard of comprise pathogenic listeria” (source: Karger)

Therefore, ~ above balance, if you want to it is in super careful, then you have to avoid soft blue cheese in pregnancy, whether it is do from pasteurized milk or not.


Pregnant women have the right to eat difficult blue cheeses, if they’re made from pasteurized milk. This is due to the fact that the water contents in castle is lot lower and also they are unlikely to contain listeria.

Examples of difficult blue cheeses that are safe come eat in pregnancy:

Bay Blue by allude ReyesDanish Blue (if hard and crumbly, fairly than creamy) Huntsman (Stilton layered with twin Gloucester) Salemville’s Amish Blue – i asked them and also they evidenced that their Smokehaus, Blue Reserve, Blue Wedge, and also all blue cheese crumbles space all made from pasteurized milkStilton (but not the almost-identical Stichelton, i m sorry is unpasteurized) various other generic blue cheese the is hard and also crumbly

Which bowl or assets Containing Blue Cheese space Pregnancy-Safe?

It’s safe to eat blue cheese assets that room both made from tough cheese and also are pasteurized. Below is a list of blue cheese commodities that space safe in pregnancy:

Blue Cheese Sauce

For example, the kind you’d discover on a steak or together a pasta topping. This is for sure if made with a tough blue cheese, and also made from pasteurized ingredients. All commercially-made blue cheese sauce will certainly contain pasteurized ingredients and therefore be safe to eat in pregnancy. Check the ingredient of restaurant-made or homemade blue cheese sauces, as these may contain other ingredients you have actually to check for pasteurization, such as cream or eggs.

Blue Cheese Crumbles

Blue Cheese crumbles (also sometimes called ‘Bleu Cheese’) room safe if do from pasteurized milk. For example, the form sold in tubs and used together a salad topping. These room safe if they’re made from a difficult cheese quite than a soft cheese. They usually are, as softer blue cheeses don’t ‘crumble’.


Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

Most, if no all commercially-produced salad dressings space made v pasteurized ingredients and are make from a hard blue cheese. A great rule of thumb is that if it’s presented on a shelf fairly than in a refrigerator, it’s pasteurized.

For example, renowned ‘off the shelf’ brands prefer Kraft, Newman’s Own, Wish-Bone, Walden Farms and Brianna’s dressings room all made from pasteurized ingredients and are safe in pregnancy. This might not it is in the situation with ‘fresh’ dressings you find in the refrigerator ar of a supermarket or grocery store store. Blue cheese dressing do from new ingredients might contain unpasteurized ingredients, soft blue cheese, or other foodstuffs to avoid choose raw egg. Constantly check the label of ‘fresh’ dressings together their ingredients differ so much.

Blue Cheese Dip

Dip have the right to be cure the same way as blue cheese salad dressing. Commercial, shelf-stable (non-chilled) blue cheese dips space usually made through pasteurized ingredients. If they’re make with difficult cheese and also pasteurized ingredients then they’re pregnancy-safe.

If the blue cheese dive is in the chilled section, check the label very first as it may contain other ingredients you must look the end for, such as milk, cream or egg.

Why Pregnant Women must Avoid Soft Blue cheeses (With Examples)

Pregnant women have to avoid all soft blue cheeses, also if they’re do from pasteurized milk. This is due to the fact that their raised water content makes them more likely than various other cheeses to contain listeria (source: NHS).