artificial wigs come in a wide range from cheap to high prices and dark to irradiate colors. Castle need extreme care and caution for maintenance as they deserve to tangle easily, and also the fibers shed softness if not stored properly. If you very own a synthetic wig and also are wondering, can you dye artificial hair right into some other shade for an occasion, then keep reading. The artificial wigs and also hair expansions are handy in redefining your style. Friend sometimes require a different colored wig for a party or any other reason and also are thinking to dye it, then here is every you must know.

Can girlfriend Dye artificial Hair?

Synthetic hair is dyeable; however, girlfriend cannot do it utilizing the continual hair dyes as the yarn of the man-made wig room not penetrable like organic fibers. Moreover, the chemicals in this dyes damages the fabricated hair fibers. You have to prepare her dye because that dyeing the man-made fibers. Also, artificial wigs room readily easily accessible in plenty of colors, and dyeing castle is no yet a tendency idea.

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What Colored man-made Wigs space Apt because that Dyeing?

Light-colored wigs room apt because that dying as they carry out not interfere v the procedure and show the appropriate color you dyed. Darker wigs can not turn into lighter color by bleaching; for this reason you cannot use them because that dyeing lighter color. Because that instance, you have the right to dye dark brown into black however not into light brown. Similarly, a red extension dyed through green shade gives brown color however not the eco-friendly color. Therefore, using pastel-colored wigs or white wigs is right for dyeing.


Which kind Of synthetic Wigs To choose For Dyeing? costly Or Cheap?

Commonly, that is strongly recommend to usage cheap wigs together they may sometimes get damaged in the process. Also, expensive wigs room smoother in texture that cannot accommodate the colors, and they to wash off easily. Another right selection of fabricated wig an ideal for dyeing is the about to discard wig. Together wigs room not too much of a loss, even if they carry out not rotate out together expected.


Wash your artificial wig or hair extensions prior to you dye. Clean turn off the sweat, dirt, and the styling products collected on hair strands utilizing a gentle shampoo. Let it dry fully before beginning the process.

Preparing the dyes

Moving on native the can you dye synthetic hair to beginning the process by learning exactly how to prepare the dye. You deserve to dye the synthetic wigs and also extensions utilizing various imaginative methods. Each technique has its benefits and disadvantages. Check out the below methods for beginning the dyeing process.

Alcohol-Based Ink

In a spray bottle, mix the alcohol-based ink and also the water in 1:1 proportion dilution and also shake well. This dilution ratio offers you practically the same opaque shade as the ink, and also if you need lighter color, dilute that further and use it.

Sharpie Ink

Open increase the sharpie marker and use the ink pipe to shade the synthetic hair. Save it in the spray bottle and include water. Let it it is in in the bottle the totality night because that the octopus to drainpipe into the water to use as a dye.

Acrylic color

Dilute the ¼ acrylic shade in 3 tablespoons that rubbing alcohol to prepare the spray. Shiver the spray party nicely for mixing the ingredient well.


Application Process

Spray the dye prepared in any type of of the over methods on come the hair strands thoroughly and saturate the hair class by layer. Closely run the finger to component the hair for application and also use the comb to spread out the used color evenly. Work from top to the underside that the wig and also cover the finish depth and also width the it. Make sure every strand is wet in color, and then permit it dry completely.

Quick method

You can use the color in a quick an approach by put the dye in a plastic bag and also keeping the wig in the bag come soak. Relying on the intensity of color required, increase the soaking time beginning from 5 minutes minimum. Now remove it and also let it dried completely.

After The applications Process

Above, you interpreted the process of dying, and also these wigs need a simple post regime of washing the wig till it runs clear. This process removes a small dye and also makes the wig lighter. For sure you usage cold or regular water and also not warmth or hot water as the total color gets washed off with warmth water. If the dye does no look dark enough, climate you can always dye it again through the same shade till you achieve the preferred color.

Complete the dyeing process and climate follow the ~ application process for dependable results. If you perform not perform this wash, the dye color of your wigs bleeds when they come to be wet. This action may stain your an important dresses. When washed, this problem does not arise. Hence it is far better to permit it experience a 2nd rinse every time.

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A couple of essential questions that typically arise concerning synthetic wig dyeing are noted below.


Can girlfriend darken the color dyed wig?

Yes, you can darken the color of an already dyed synthetic wig by repeating the dyeing procedure followed through the ~ wash. That is similar to asking, can you dye artificial hair? simply that that is dyed as soon as it does not median it can’t be dyed again and again. You deserve to repeat the till you attain the preferred color, and also each time the color deepens.

Will the dyed man-made wig drip color?

If you perform not follow the after ~ application procedure and it it s okay wet by any kind of liquid spills, rain, sweat, or in any other manner, then the color can drip.

Does the dye wash off entirely?

Yes, the does wash off substantially if friend use warmth water and wash the wigs gently. However, take treatment not to tangle the hair throughout the process.


Follow the listed below mentioned prior to you begin dyeing, during the dyeing process, and also after washing.

Cover the place you pick to work appropriately to stop dye stains.

Wear gloves to prevent dye gaining on your hands.

If her hands have actually ink once you touch the wig, then you must permit it come dry for some an ext time.

Use just the wide-toothed comb for combing the synthetic wigs.

Use only a cool setting to punch dry the wig.

Do not soak the wig for much more than 15 minutes every time; otherwise, they come to be coarse and also brittle.


Transform her old fabricated wig into something attractive by utilizing any of the procedures listed above. Hope your curiosity about the inquiry - deserve to you dye synthetic hair? is addressed beyond doubt in this in-depth article.

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Enjoy the vibrant and different hair color that changes your looks and also gives girlfriend a new style. After ~ all, you have the right to make her dye and flaunt off the stunning looks making use of your DIY colored artificial hair extensions.