Donating blood is a totally free and helpful means to give back to your community. Every year, millions of world rely ~ above blood donors to conserve lives. Specifically in 2020 amidst an continuous pandemic, blood donation has actually never been much more essential. However with many human being being concerned around social distancing, the price of blood donation has considerably decreased end the previous year.

For those that have had actually Covid-19 and recovered, donating blood and particularly plasma is a an essential way to help others who room suffering from the virus. The component of the blood that has antibodies can help save lives of those tho battling with covid.


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Do blood banks test for THC?

Currently, over there is no rapid experimentation that reflects THC in her blood. Generally, blood financial institutions do not test because that THC, CBD, or any kind of cannabinoids. The FDA go not require blood donation centers to test because that THC. Obviously, you shouldn’t smoke weed prior to giving blood and also never donate blood if you are right now high.

What would certainly disqualify me indigenous donating blood?

There space some reasons why you may be disqualified indigenous donating blood. These reasons might include yet are not limited to the following:

A piercing or tattoo within the critical year

Pregnancy or recent childbirth

Steroid use

Weighing less than 110 pounds

Any disease presenting v fever

Low iron levels, which may signify anemia

Traveling to a malaria-risk nation within the past 3 years

HIV or hepatitis infection

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