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Here"s a recipe because that a Single chocolate Chip Cookie that"s perfect crisp roughly the edges and also soft and also chewy in the middle. The perfect toaster stove cookie recipe I"ve found!


Single serving parts are important a an excellent idea! Small section recipes room perfect not just for college students or for human being cooking for just themselves, but they"re an excellent for everyone. How countless times have actually you wanted a little something sweet yet you didn"t want to make whole batch? for me, it happens often. Making whole batch of cookie for instance, is together a commitment in time and also ingredients. Not only that, as soon as I make a batch the cookies, I hardly ever eat simply one.

This recipe was produced out of necessity. My desire to have a cookie, one cookie - no two, not five, no a dozen...ONE.

Why This cooking recipes Works

This chocolate chip cookie bakes in the toaster oven. It"s simple!This cooking recipes takes just 5 minutes prep time, and around 10 minutes to bake.It"s unbelievably very delicious - perfectly crisp approximately the edges and soft and chewy in the center, the means a chocolate chip cookie need to be.


Ingredient Notes

See the cooking recipes box listed below for ingredient amounts and complete recipe instructions. 

FlourBrown SugarBaking PowderButterMilkChocolate Chips

How To make This Recipe

Preheat a toaster stove to 350 degrees.Mix flour, brown sugar, and baking flour in a bowl.Add the softened butter and also mix well.Stir in milk.Add cacao chips and mix in.Spoon the cookie dough ~ above a baking tray.Bake because that 10 minutes.

Expert Tips

Use softened butter, no cold butter. Softened butter should still be cool to the touch, yet when you push your finger into the butter, your finger will leave an indentation.Don"t end mix the dough. Mix the ingredients till they just begin to come together.

Frequently request Questions

What walk Softened Butter look at Like?

You desire to usage softened butter in this cookie recipe due to the fact that you desire to cream the butter and the sugars with each other to produce air pockets. This air pockets room what aid make this coco chip cookie light and also airy.Softened butter need to still it is in cool to the touch yet when you press your finger right into the butter, her finger will certainly leave an indentation.

Can I use White Sugar instead of Brown Sugar?

You deserve to use one of two people brown street or white street in this recipe. The taste of the cookie is pretty lot the same. Baked goods made v white street will end up lighter and an ext crisp, when baked products made with brown sugar will certainly be more moist, heavier, and chewier. My choice is because that the cacao chip cookie to be made through brown sugar, however they both taste great.


Here you have the right to see...

the cookie made through white granulated sugar...


and the cookie made with brown sugar...


No distinction in taste, just in appearance.

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Quick and also easy, this yummy cacao chip cookie is the perfectly size sweet treat.