Only 7 states check to see whether motorists license and also state id applicants space fugitives, regardless of the arrests that thousands of human being in the claims that execute screen.

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Federal legislation requires claims to examine only a nationwide database of vehicle drivers with rely or revoked patent to ensure that someone banned native driving in one state doesn"t get licensed in another. Most states have never considered checking the FBI fugitive database or have actually rejected the idea.

The Missouri room of Revenue worries that a want person, if confronted, could end up being violent through license clerks.

The Illinois Secretary the State"s Office fear the checks would lengthen the wait in heat to get licenses.

Waits have the right to be much longer in some locations that screen for warrants. Public representative in Texas and also Alabama, two claims that perform checks, stated no clerks had actually been injured.

In 2005, "America"s most Wanted" featured a couple from Indiana want for kidnapping three children. The present did not result in one arrest.

But when the woman applied for an Alabama motorists license, a inspect of the FBI database caused her arrest in minutes.

The pair joined the an ext than 12,000 fugitives arrested in Alabama since 2003 v license checks. In Texas, around 40,000 civilization have been arrested in the past decade.

"You take it from the top, the worst thing you have the right to think of, and on down, that"s what we"ve arrested castle for," said major Rhonda Fleming that the Texas Highway Patrol. "With that many world taken turn off the street ... The in itself justifies doing this."

In Illinois, Mearl Justus, the St. Clair ar sheriff, stated the state association of police chiefs unsuccessfully lobbied the Illinois Secretary the State"s office to begin doing warrant checks around a te ago.

On probation for equipped burglary in Wisconsin, Baker lied come his probation officer to get a pass to leaving his residence in 1999. He never returned, and also authorities approve a warrant for his arrest and put that in the FBI database.

Baker confirmed up the next year at a Tennessee motorists license office. He used his real name, birthdate and also Social security number to gain a state ID.

Early one summer morning in 2001, he and two various other men broke into the house of Robbie Jones the Lebanon, Tenn.

Jones slept upstairs together the men damaged the glass on her gun cabinet, took the end her guns and crept up the staircase. Baker stood guard as one of his accomplices win Jones, 83, with his fists and a 12-gauge shotgun.

They left her to dice on she bedroom floor together they ransacked the remainder of the house. Exhilaration on a tip, police captured the 3 within days.

Most states additionally fail to use various other data to find fugitives, in spite of success shown by commonwealth agencies.

The society Security administration began checking the surname of human being receiving impairment payments against the names of fugitives in 2000. Federal agencies additionally screen human being receiving veterans assistance, real estate aid, welfare and food stamps.

More than 300,000 fugitives have been matched, and at the very least 45,000 have been arrested, consisting of 163 world wanted because that homicide, 546 for sex-related assault and 710 because that robbery, follow to a Post-Dispatch evaluation of commonwealth data.

In Missouri, the state auditor found practically 16,000 matches in 2000 by checking state felony warrants against databases of eight state agencies. State organ were encouraged to follow suit.

The room of Social solutions was the only firm to sign on. It found an ext than 2,800 matches in the roll of food-stamp and welfare recipients however disbanded the program four months later, speak it cost too much.

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Correction: Recent stories around fugitives that showed up last month in the key news section reported the Kentucky was among the states that check to view whether chauffeurs license applicants have outstanding arrest warrants. Kentucky officials currently say they to be mistaken, and also they do not check for warrants.




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