A fruit boasting of high-lycopene content, watermelon has a lot to offer, particularly when you room looking to shed weight. Yet here"s why friend shouldn"t have it at night.

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What walk Ayurveda Recommend?Ayurveda, according to Dr. Dhanvantri Tyagi, does no recommend eating watermelon or any type of fruit in ~ night as they encourage diarrhea and in part cases, constipation too. Hence, that is recipient to eat alternate rebab.nets quite than fruits. The appropriate time to eat a watermelon is in the morning or afternoon and not after that. "Considering these hot summers, one need to remember come soak the watermelon in water for part time, together it minimises any type of harm come the consumer. You should eat the watermelon right once it is bought, execute not keep it, and rather have actually it fresh for ideal results ~ above health." Dr. Dhanvantri insists.

The great Side - benefits of Watermelons

While no one recommends usage of watermelons in ~ night, let united state not forget that watermelon when consumed in the daytime has numerous benefits.Also Read:Summer Care: 4 DIY Watermelon Juice face Masks because that A perfect SkinHere room a few reasons that will certainly make you autumn in love through watermelons this summer:1. Update Fruit to Beat The HeatThe hot sun might take a toll on her body, yet watermelons are an excellent to prevent warmth strokes. It likewise keeps you hydrated since of the water content. Try having watermelons consistently so as to prevent you yourself from falling sick insummers.

Read additionally : (Heatwave Safety: 7 advice You need to Follow This Summer to continue to be Healthy)2. A friend of Our kidney Watermelons are complete of potassium, the nutrient the helps to do the washing up all the toxin from the kidneys.3. Heart FriendlyWatermelons save lycopene i beg your pardon is a powerful antioxidant the protects and repairs the body from resulting in multiple diseases. It also carries beta-carotene that has actually anti-aging properties that keeps you active and young. Vitamin C and also potassium helps reducing cholesterol and also keep the heart safe.

4. An excellent for theEyesThe phytonutrients existing in the watermelons assist maintain the healthy and balanced functioning the eyes. Lutein, Vitamin C and also beta-carotene aid in staying clear of degeneration, thus protecting her eyes from blindness and cataract.Also Read:Drinking Water After eating Watermelon: Is it safe or Not?5. Maintains High Blood push The magnesium and potassium materials in the watermelons room responsible for maintaining the blood pressure normal.

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How to make the most of WatermelonsHere are healthy yet funny watermelon drinks to savor this summer!1. Lime and Watermelon TonicThe detox Cookbook & wellness Plan publication by Maggie Pannell has suggested this update juice that will not only quench your thirst but also cool her body. That reads, "This refreshing juice will aid to cool the body, patience the digestion and cleanse the device - and also may also have aphrodisiac qualities." A mix the watermelon, chilled water, lemon juice, clear honey (to taste) and also ice cubes will certainly rejuvenate your mind too!Also Read:5 Spectacular services of Watermelon and Refreshing Recipes
2. Fresh Watermelon and also Cucumber JuiceHow around we mix two summer rebab.nets together to make a cooler that"s tasty and also healthy? Prepare some fast juice from fresh watermelon and also cucumbers, v a dash that mint to offer it an even better taste. It will assist your body cool under from the warm summer day.3. Watermelon SmoothieIf you feeling like having a hearty and heavy watermelon drink, mix some strawberries, watermelon and tangy yoghurt to make a yummy smoothie. Do remember to miss out ~ above sugar together the natural taste of melon and berries will make it sweet enough.
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