Written by Alina Petre, MS, RD (NL) on might 29, 2020 — median reviewed by Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D.

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Pregnant women can advantage from eating specific foods, however they have to avoid others. However, the line between beneficial and also harmful foodstuffs isn’t constantly clear.

For instance, some foodstuffs may be safe to eat under details conditions but unsafe under others.

Goat cheese is an example of one together food.

This short article explains which types of goat cheese room safe during pregnancy and also which ones you have to avoid.

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Certain arrays of goat cheese are considered unsafe come eat during pregnancy due to the fact that of the threat of food poisoning.

Pregnant ladies are specifically susceptible to food poisoning. Because that instance, they might be 10–20 times likelier to contract listeriosis, a foodborne disease caused by the Listeria monocytogenes bacterium, 보다 the general population (1, 2).

Listeriosis largely only causes mild fever and flu-like symptoms for the mother, yet it may lead to meningitis, blood infection, or death for the infant (1).

Soft cheese made indigenous raw, unpasteurized goat milk have actually a greater risk of bacter contamination. This is additionally the situation with every surface-ripened goat cheese (2).

Surface-ripened — likewise known together mold-ripened — goat cheese is quickly recognizable by its soft white rind, which is comparable to those top top Brie and Camembert cheeses.

The Food and Drug administration (FDA) approximates that raw and also surface-ripened soft cheeses are 50–160 time likelier to be contaminated through Listeria than pasteurized cheeses, significantly increasing your threat of listeriosis throughout pregnancy (3).


Pregnant women must steer clear of soft goat cheeses that space surface-ripened or make from raw, unpasteurized goat milk because of the raised risk the listeriosis.

A couple of kinds the goat cheese are commonly deemed safe to eat during pregnancy because of a much lower risk of food poisoning.

However, there’s quiet a small chance of bacterial air pollution (2).

All the same, safe species include:

You can distinguish a difficult goat cheese indigenous a soft one by its appearance. Hard cheese won’t indent once you push it through your finger, while soft cheese will. You deserve to tell whether a cheese is pasteurized through looking in ~ its label.

Keep in mind that food preparation kills harmful bacteria, consisting of Listeria. Thus, a sauce or sour containing goat cheese, or a pizza topped through it, are frequently safe come eat.

According come the Centers for condition Control (CDC), you just need come ensure the the cheese has actually been completely cooked until it will an interior temperature the 165°F (74°C) (6).


Soft goat cheeses made indigenous pasteurized milk, as well as all hard goat cheeses, space usually pertained to as safe for pregnant women — as lengthy as they no surface-ripened.

After childbirth, females can commonly start enjoying countless of the foodstuffs they had actually to limit during pregnancy.

This additionally applies come all types of goat cheese.

In fact, various other than caffeine, alcohol, and high mercury fish, there space generally couple of foods that women must limit when breastfeeding (6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

That said, your diet impacts the composition and also flavor of her breastmilk. If you an alert that her baby consistently becomes okay or fussy shortly after a feeding, take into consideration talking with your health care provider.

Cow milk protein allergy, or CMPA, is the most common food allergy during the very first year the life (11).

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Goat cheese is thought about safe to eat if breastfeeding. Generally, breastfeeding ladies only have to limit a grasp of foods.