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Turnips space root vegetables. We"ve read combined reviews from various guinea pig owner on this one. One person said they to be "an prompt hit," while an additional person claimed turnips are "usually not much of a success story." We"ll just have to decide for ourselves, then! We deserve to eat turnips only 1-2 times every week because they space high in sugar and also oxalates. Turnips leaves, likewise known together turnip greens, can additionally be fed come guinea pigs(see our previous article for details).
This is a turnip. The humans peeled the outside, and also cut increase the inside component into cubes for us.

Our verdict our turnips: not bad, but not the finest vegetable we"ve ever had. We each had actually our fill, and also then left a pile of chunks behind for the people to clean up. We"ll provide turnips 3/5 stars.
Posted byLola, Buffy, and Broccoliat11:47 PM


Cool! Sounds prefer turnips room OK! If ours human ever has some to spare, I'm certain that she will give it to us!XOXOAshley & Wendy


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