The last thing any new puppy owner or dog breeder wants to hear is a diagnosis the parvo. Parvo in puppies is unfortunately a common disease with fatal consequences, i beg your pardon is why it is essential for anyone managing puppies ~ above a consistent basis come be aware of the symptom of parvo and what come do around it.

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What Is Parvo?

Parvo in puppies is resulted in by the canine parvovirus. This virus is highly contagious and spreads through direct call with one infected dog or through indirect contact with a contaminated object. Her puppy is exposed come the parvovirus every time the sniffs, licks, or spend infected feces. Indirect infection occurs as soon as a human being who has actually recently to be exposed come an infected dog touches your puppy, or when a puppy to meet a contaminated object, prefer a food or water bowl, collars and also leashes, and also the hands and clothing of civilization who handle infected dogs.

The Merck Veterinary hand-operated classifies the virus as a an illness of the stomach and small intestines, as this is where the virus does the many damage. The virus prefers to infect the tiny intestine, where it destroys cells, impairs absorption, and also disrupts the gut barrier. Parvo in puppies likewise affects the bone marrow and lymphopoietic tissues, and also in some instances can also affect the heart.

Why do Puppies obtain Parvo?

Puppies ages six main to 6 months space the many susceptible come parvo. Puppies younger 보다 six-weeks-old tho retain some of their mom antibodies, assuming the the dam got her full collection of parvo vaccinations. Puppies space vaccinated against parvo at about 6, 8, and also 12 main of age. They are fragile to the condition until they have actually received all 3 shots in their inoculation series, which way owners should take extra precaution throughout this time to prevent their puppies native contracting the virus. Puppies should receive a sheep of canine parvovirus vaccine in between 14 and 16 mainly of age, nevertheless of how many doses they received earlier, to build adequate protection.

The severity of parvo instances varies. The stress of weaning deserve to lead come a more severe case of parvo n puppies, as tension weakens the immune system. A mix of parvo and also a second infection or a parasite can additionally lead come a more severe case of parvo in puppies.

To peak it off, details breeds of dogs space at an increased risk the parvo:


Treating Parvo in Puppies

Your vet will diagnose parvo based on clinical signs and also through blood work. She may also run a test dubbed an ELISA to find for virus antigens in her dog’s feces and also will perform extr diagnostic testing as needed.

There is no cure because that parvo. Her vet will sell your puppy supportive care over the course of the illness, dealing with symptoms such together vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, and also making certain that her puppy gets adequate nutrition.

Serious viruses favor parvo threaten a puppy’s immune system and lower his white blood cabinet count, reduce his capacity to hit off an additional bacterial infections. The damages the virus does to a dog’s intestinal wall surface increases the likelihood of a second infection. Her vet might put her puppy on an antibiotic medicine to combat these bacterial infections and will monitor her puppy carefully for extr complications.

Parvo is a possibly fatal disease. The survival rate of dog treated by a vet is 68 come 92 percent, and also most puppies that make it through the an initial three-to-four days do a finish recovery. Recovery time vary depending upon the severity that the case, but it generally takes about one week because that puppies to recover from parvo.

Your veterinarian will certainly walk you v the proper treatment measures for her puppy’s case and also will recommend you around any precautionary steps you need to take for any other puppies and dogs in your household.

Preventing Parvo in Puppies

Parvo is a preventable virus. Every puppies and also adult dogs should receive your parvo vaccinations, and it is especially important that bitches used for reproduction receive a full course that parvo vaccinations, as the puppies will rely on the mummy antibodies for the first couple of weeks of life.

You have to not permit puppies to come into call with unvaccinated dogs till they have received all of their parvo vaccines. Make sure all dog in your family are vaccinated, and be really careful once socializing your puppy. Dog parks and also other locations where dogs congregate space potential sources of parvo, so arrangement on socializing her puppy in a less public environment.

Socialization and training are very important for puppies. You deserve to safely socialize her puppy with completely vaccinated adult dog in an environment like your home. Puppy classes, boarding facilities, and also doggy daycare facilities usually need proof of vaccination for all of their participants, but it is a an excellent idea to speak to her vet about the appropriate level that caution.

Parvo is a serious and highly contagious disease. Understanding how parvo spreads, the symptoms of parvo, the treatment options for parvo, and also the ideal ways to protect against parvo in puppies will help you store your puppy safe. For more information about parvo, talk to your vet.

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Note: This article is not intended as a substitute for veterinary care. If you doubt your dog has parvo, call your vet immediately.