You wander end to the fridge and also take the pint that Ben and Jerry"s out to reap in prior of the TV v your partner. Girlfriend hadn"t count on Fido wanting to join in top top the treat. Together you taste the first spoonful of the creamy, rich cocoa flavor, friend wonder if it"s okay to feed your dog some? after all, anyone deserves a treat indigenous time-to-time, right?

Stop! before you feed your dog that cacao ice cream, review the remainder of this post, her pup will say thanks to you because that being a responsible pets owner by the end.

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If your dog has actually eaten chocolate ice cream and he is exhilaration abnormally or enduring allergy-like symptoms, be certain to consult with your veterinarian.


Sure, dogs have the right to eat ice cream – they"ll eat almost anything you put in former of them, even if it kills them. Dog don"t have common sense, and also they count on girlfriend to make the judgment speak to for them, also if castle don"t agree v your decision.

The truth is that you have to put under that Ben and also Jerry"s and also forget around feeding it come Fido. Part dogs can stomach ice cream, when others end up with serious gastric distress. Ice cream cream might taste great to you and me, but it"s a toxicity cocktail the dogs should avoid.

Some the the disadvantage health results of your dog eating ice cream cream include the following:


Under no circumstances have to you ever feed your dog chocolate. Sure, take it them trick-or-treating v you, however keep them the end of the liquid bowl. Coco is one more toxic cocktail to dogs. Several ingredients in coco can cause catastrophic health problems in dogs. Let"s unpack this ingredients in detail.

Methylxanthines (Theobromine) and caffeine

The methylxanthines in chocolate cause health issues in your dog if they decision to steal that cacao bar and also chow down. The danger methylxanthines in coco are caffeine and also theobromine. Both compounds produce similar effects in your dog, v the theobromine impacts lasting longer than caffeine results. The much more chocolate liquor supplied by the manufacturer in the coco product, the greater the concentrations of theobromine, and also the more pronounced the result on your dog.

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Baking and dark coco are the worst types for her dog, producing a disastrous outcome in the animal. Exposure come the theobromine in chocolate reasons the complying with symptoms of cacao poisoning in dogs.