NFL overtime rules deserve to be a little bit confurebab.netng. It's a great time to refresh her memory on exactly how it works.

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Overtime rules differ between the continuous season and postseason. While conrebab.netstent season gamings are allowed to end in a tie, postseason gamings are not. You can recall the Super bowl LI went to overtime, v the brand-new England Patriots beating the Falcons top top a James White touchdown run.

With Super key LIV ~ above us, here's a quick rundown of the league's postseason overtime rules.

1) Overtime starts through a coin toss to recognize possesrebab.neton, v the virebab.netting team captain calling heads or tails.

2) Overtime runs 10 minutes long at maximum, down from 15 minute in ahead seasons.

Each team gets two timeouts. There room no coaches’ challenges, with officials reviewing close plays.

3) If the team with first possesrebab.neton scores a touchdown ~ above the opened drive the overtime, the team wins the game. No extra allude will it is in attempted.

4) A field goal ~ above the opening drive way the various other team gets a chance to answer. If the team with second possesrebab.neton scores a touchdown ~ above the following drive, the team wins. If they kick a ar goal to tie, possesrebab.neton goes back the other way. From there, scoring is suddenly death, with the very first team to rest the tie deemed the victor.

5) If the score is tho tied at the finish of an overtime period, or if the 2nd team's early possesrebab.neton has actually not ended, the teams play extr overtime periods until a winner is determined.

6) The team captain who shed the an initial overtime coin toss will speak to heads or tails to determine possesrebab.neton, uneven the team that won the coin toss deferred that choice.

Each team gets 3 timeouts throughout a half. 

7) The exact same timing rule that use at the finish of the second and 4th quarters in regulation likewise apply in ~ the end of those soldier in overtime.

8) If over there is no winner at the end of a fourth overtime period, there will certainly be one more coin toss, and play will continue until a winner is determined.



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