Yes. Because crossbows space not thought about firearms, convicted felons in Nevada may own, possess, and use crossbows wherever the legislation allows. Hunters might use certain species of crossbows to hunt big game in Nevada.And that is illegal for human being who room incarcerated or in custody to possess a crossbow whether or not they have actually a former felony conviction.

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Can hunters usage crossbows in Nevada?

Hunters might use specific crossbows to hunt huge game during an “Any legitimate Weapon” hunt. Big game includes:

Antelope bear Bighorn sheep Elk hill goat hill lion Mule deer

Qualifying crossbows must satisfy the following specifications:

A minimum draw weight that 125 pounds; A minimum strength stroke of 14 inches native the front of the bow to the nocking point; A stock that is at the very least 18 customs long; and A hopeful mechanical security mechanism.

Also, there cannot be any chemical, explosive, or electronic maker attached.

Meanwhile, crossbow arrows or bolts need to be at least 16 inch long, sweet at least 300 grains and have either:

fixed broadheads that space at least 7/8 inch vast at the widest point; or Expandable, mechanically broadheads that room at the very least 7/8 inch broad at the widest point when the broadhead is in the open position.

Finally, any kind of sights attached to a crossbow may be illuminated or it is provided by either:

A battery contained within the sight; Light-gathering fiber optics; A radiation isotope such together tritium; or Iridescent or fluorescent paint.

But the sight can not be capable of casting or projecting a beam that light the is clearly shows to the unaided person eye native the sight to the animal.


Nevada has strict laws about what kinds of crossbows may be offered to hunt huge game.

Note that hunters may not usage a crossbow to hunt big game throughout an archery-only hunt uneven they have an archery handicap permit. And crossbows are never permitted to hunt huge game throughout a muzzleloader-only hunt.

Also keep in mind that the only people who may carry a cocked crossbow containing an arrowhead or a bolt in a vehicle ~ above a public roadway are paraplegics, leg amputees, and people through leg paralysis – as long as the auto is not in motion.1

Can prisoners ever before possess crossbows?

Never. Human being may not own crossbows if they space either:

Incarcerated in the state prison or any type of county or city jail or detention facility or other correctional basic in Nevada, or transferred for medical or psychiatric treatment at one more institution – or in transit come or from such facility, or In the legitimate custody of any correctional officer or employee

It go not issue if the person has no prior criminal record or convictions.

It is a category B felony for an inmate come possess a crossbow, transferring one (1) year to six (6) year in Nevada State Prison.2

What is the penalty for felons possessing guns in Nevada?

Possession that a pistol by a felon (NRS 202.360) is a category B felony, i beg your pardon carries one (1) to six (6) years in prison. The judge may also impose a fine of approximately $5,000.3

The only way people v a felony conviction can acquire their firearm legal rights restored is v a Nevada Governor’s Pardon. Obtaining a document seal walk not gain back gun rights under Nevada state law.

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Nevada governmental Code 503.143; NAC 503.145. Note that hunting huge game needs a hunting license, and also they deserve to only it is in hunted throughout hunting season.

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