No, you have to not hunting deer v a .22. Not just is it unethical, the is additionally illegal is most states in the U.S.

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There are far far better calibers to choose from that room much more effective at developing clean kills.

Why you Shouldn’t hunting Deer with a 22

Sure, you have the right to kill a deer with a well inserted shot native a 22 but just because it’s feasible doesn’t average you should. Countless deer have been killed by a 22. But how countless have been shot and also weren’t recovered?


It is illegal come hunt deer through a .22 is practically all states. Also the says that enable hunting deer with a .22 require it to it is in a centerfire cartridge, no a rimfire .22lr.

The just state us are conscious of that allows using a caliber this tiny is north Carolina.

Hunting deer through an illegal caliber likely carriers a hefty punishment, and also for good reason.

Most states need that hunters usage a minimum centerfire caliber the .243.


Using a .22 for deer substantially increases the opportunities that friend wound a deer the you will certainly be unable to recover. Numerous deer have actually been crippled through hunters making use of a .22.

The worst possible outcome for any kind of hunter is to shoot, wound, and not recuperate their game. Not only do friend not recover the deer yet you cause the deer unnecessary suffering in the process.

We don’t also recommend hunting smaller video game like turkeys v a .22.

Much prefer shooting a deer in the head, there are much an ext humane ways to hunt.

If you space going come hunt deer, carry out so responsibly in a method that will create clean, honest kills.

Smallest Caliber You need to Use because that Deer

The smallest caliber because that deer is the .243 Winchester. Also with a .243, shot location is an extremely important. If the deer is within selection of your gun friend shouldn’t have actually much concern making a clean shot behind the prior shoulder.

For comparison sake, let’s to compare the difference in between a typical .22lr and a .243 cartridge designed for deer.


A common, high velocity .22lr cartridge weighs about 40 grains and leaves the barrel at around 1310 ft/s. It pipeline the barrel with an energy of about 150 ft-lbs.

At 100 yards, the quantity of power the bullet is carrying has actually dropped to 85 ft-lbs.

.243 Winchester

In comparison, a .243 bullet meant for hunting deer weighs anywhere from 65 seed to 95 grains. Let’s i think 95 gr through a barrel velocity that 3100 ft/s.

This offers us a muzzle power of roughly 2070 ft-lbs. In ~ 100 yards, this has actually dropped to 1723 ft-lbs.

As you deserve to see, this is 19x much more energy 보다 the .22lr.

Many hunters will offer the preeminence of ignorance that the minimum energy recommended for creating clean death on deer is somewhere between 1000 ft-lbs. And also 1300 ft-lbs. While us don’t disagree that clean kills can result from a well place shot with much less energy, this is a decent power ballpark come shoot for.

There are far better calibers worth considering 보다 the .243 because that deer such together a .270, .30-06, .308, or 6.5 Creedmoor.

We watch no factor to hunting deer with a .22 when a great hunting rifle deserve to be purchased for under $400.



We don’t think you need to hunt deer with a .22. The only means we would consider using a .22 to kill a deer is if we were shed in the woods, starving, and a .22 was all we had.

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There are many far better options the end there nowadays. Perform yourself a favor and also get something much more suitable for huge game.

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