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What go it average that 'by His stripes we are healed'?

1 Peter 2:24

ESV - 24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we could die to sin and also live come righteousness. By his wounds you have actually been healed.

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S. Michael Houdmann Supporter acquired Questions ministries

"Stripes," (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24) in the language that the King James variation of the Bible, and also in some others, means "wounds," as seen in more contemporary translations such together the new International ... Login or sign Up to see the rest of this answer.

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Ezekiel Kimosop

I agree with Michael Houdmann top top his interpretation of Isaiah 53:5. Ns will include some few observations on my answer come firm up the position. That is my check out that the is spirituality healing the Christ primarily achieved for us. If indeed the crucial dimension that Christ"s atonement is physical healing, exactly how come loyalty don"t enjoy irreversible physical health on earth? Why room we not cost-free from earthly perils? I have actually heard some prosperity teachers case that believers room not to suffer any type of physics infirmity because Christ took it away at Calvary. They likewise teach the every illness or imperfection must it is in healed since Christ take it it far on the cross. This, in my view, is a misrepresentation of bible truth to a big extent! when I do not deny the strength of God in healing condition and sickness, I execute not agree through the watch that loyalty are totally shielded from disease or imperfection or certainly other earthly perils. True God can and also often go heal every manner of illnesses, including the most dreaded the all. Us live in a fallen world and there are dangers of our fallenness that we have actually to contend with if under the sun until we appear before Christ. To enjoy the kind of health and wellness contemplated by the prosperity teachers, us must first be taken away from this world! My check out is the believers will endure on earth, not simply from an illness but various other physical pains. Besides, some sufferings consisting of illnesses might be component of the afflictions that God uses to strengthen our confidence (cf. James 1:2-4). Jesus himself taught that those that will monitor him in obedience have to be prepared to carry the cross. The ache of the overcome are mostly persecutions because that our faith yet we do recognize from Paul"s suffer in 2Cor.12 that God have the right to use part unpleasant points to achieve His magnificent purposes because that us. Philippians 2:1-10 illustrates the suffering that Christ proficient in His obedience and the exaltation that God completed for that by factor of His suffering. Critical week we buried my cousin"s mam who died at 62 after ~ a long condition bravely borne. She to be a good hero of faith who lived for Christ till she last moment. Ns guess a prosperity bible teacher might be rapid to claim that Satan took her life. I believe God determined to rest her native the pains after lengthy suffering, all to His glory. God must have actually permitted this enduring on His servant for His divine purposes in line with the to teach of Romans 8:28-30.To teach otherwise would indicate that God abdicated the magnificent protection over His children. Psalm 23:6 plainly reveals the God watches end His saints also in the most dangerous terrains the life. Nothing records Him through surprise! The reality is that God might permit on loyalty one or other type of suffering including physical illness, every for reasons for which that owes us no explanation. He is the can be fried God who provides no mistakes.Even as we pray because that healing, we should reckon the God has actually the last word on our heal or physical wellbeing. Even if He choose to use disease or imperfection as a way of ushering us into the following life, us should always glorify Him the His perfect will for us need to be completed and the our confidence is securely anchored in Him. This is the biblical truth that numerous have departed from in their search of the popular however cheap contemporary gospel of health and also wealth (cf. 2Timothy 3:1-9). November 27 2016 • 7 responses • poll Up • share • Report


It is clean from the Isaiah 53 passage the healing does incorporate both spiritual and also physical healing. I believe that both are in the atonement. HOWEVER, as salvation (spiritual healing) is a process (past, present and also future) therefore is physics healing. Every believers will eventually experience full freedom (healing) from our fallen physics bodies and also their propensity to it is in "sick", once we space resurrected at the rapture. Prayer GOD. However until then we will have to wait patiently and also sometimes in good pain, till the comping the Christ. February 10 2019 • 0 responses • poll Up • re-superstructure • Report

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