This post provides info on Troubleshooting Audio difficulties on the Bose 3-Piece Speaker collection

Summary: This post provides information on Troubleshooting Audio troubles on the Bose 3-Piece speak SetSee much less This write-up provides details on Troubleshooting Audio problems on the Bose 3-Piece Speaker collection

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Bose 3-Piece Speaker set Troubleshooting rundown

Item 1. Bose 3-Piece Speaker collection Troubleshooting Overview

The purpose of this file is to resolve audio problems with the Bose Companion 3 series II Speakers collection offered through The complying with symptoms are covered: No Audio From computer system Low Volume No SoundFromOne that theSpeakers Cause

Verify Power and Muting Options

inspect the regulate pod for the speak system and also verify the power LED (Figure 1-1
) is lit green: If the LED is not lit in ~ all, unplug the power link from the regulate pod to the ago of the base module and reseat the connection.

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If it remains unlit, plug your power cord into a different wall surface outlet. Verify the the power switch ~ above the ago of the base module is collection to ON (Figure 2). If the LED is lit amber, her speaker system is muted. This can happen if you have manually mute the device or plugged headphones into your regulate pod: madness the mute/active touch manage (Figure 1-2) to un-mute the speaker system. If you have headphones connected (Figure 1-3), disconnect them native the manage pod.
number 1:
Bose manage Pod
Numbers reference picture above:
Power LED
Mute Control
Headphone Jack
number 2: Power Switch Check the Cables it is feasible that one of your cables to the speaker or computer may have end up being disconnected or loose. There space 2 cables the you need to check: Reseat (unplug and also replug)the audio entry cable linked to the earlier of your base module (Figure 3) andperform the very same actionon the plug the is associated to theback ofyour computer.

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Reseat the speak cable connectorsto the back of your bass module (Figure 4).
figure 3:
Audio entry Connector
number 4: Speaker Cable Connectors
Adjust the speak Volume in Windows Right-click the Volume Mixer symbol in the device tray (Figure 1).
Figure 1: Volume Mixer icon Click Open Volume Mixer. Ensure every one of the slider bar settings are 3 quarters (3/4) or higher (Figure 2).
Figure 2: Volume Mixer home window Verify that none that the audio channels are muted

Additional Audio Troubleshooting

In the occasion that the over troubleshooting walk not deal with your issue, there room other resource of audio troubleshooting available. Please see the following support information:
The information contained in the above article is composed of excerpts indigenous Bose knowledge Base. The technical information and troubleshooting explained herein are for informational functions only. For additional information or the finish article, go to the Bose support net site in ~ Bose
and also search the Bose knowledge Base for info on the Companion 3 Multimedia speak System.
Contact Bose Support Bose technicalsupport will handle advanced troubleshooting and hardware return if needed.Please contact Bose technical assistance via thefollowing call number: 1-800-694-2673

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