We all understand that “God so loved the world,” the “God is love,” and that as soon as it comes to love, nobody exemplifies it far better than Jesus (Jn 3:16; 1 Jn 4:8; Jn 15:13). We’ve frequently heard first Corinthians’ “love chapter” (1 Co 13) at weddings.

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But if you want to take it a closer look at just how the bible talks about love, wherein would you go?

Let’s look in ~ the publications of the bible that talk around love most, and then drill into a couple of chapters the really focus on love.

The scriptures talks around love a lot

The word “love” reflects up in the English bible a an excellent deal—though the an exact count varies a little bit from translation come translation.

NIV: 762 mentionsNASB: 529 mentionsKJV: 419 mentionsNRSV: 791 mentionsHCSB: 766 mentionsESV: 745 mentions

That counting varies due to the fact that some translations witnessed “love” together the exactly word to interact what the initial Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic messages said. For example, the NIV equates sex acts in Genesis as “made love,” if the KJV and ESV prefer “knew,” and the NASB offers the highly romantic “had relations.” (If you’d prefer to examine the holy bible in its initial languages, inspect out the certificate routine my friends at Zondervan scholastic put together.)*

By the way, these counts incorporate variations favor “loved,” “lovely,” and also “loves.”

Now, let’s check out where every this speak of love wake up in the Bible.

The 3 publications of the bible that talk around love most

I want to check out which books of the bible focus ~ above love most. To perform this, I’ll take it every point out of “love” in each publication of the Bible, and also then divide it through the variety of words in the book. (Logos scriptures Software renders this quite simple.)

This way, we’ll view which publications have the greatest concentration of verses on love. Here’s what us get:

1. First John claims a lot about love

4. 1 Corinthians 13: The “love chapter”

Finally we come to the famed “love chapter” in the Bible. You’ve heard this in ~ weddings. You’ve checked out the tattoos. Friend know exactly how the chapter starts:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does no envy, the does not boast, the is not proud <…>

Oh wait! That’s entirely not how it starts.

It starts through Paul saying the if he speaks “in the tongues of males or the angels, yet do not have actually love, i am just a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

How’s the for a romantic wedding homily?

This chapter isn’t about marital bliss. It’s component of Paul’s teaching on spiritual gifts, and also how the church need to be working out their presents out the love because that one another, no their own desires to be important.

5. Hosea 3: an example of God’s love

This little chapter rounds the end the optimal five, and also it’s a an excellent one. The prophet Hosea is told come love the wife that left him—just favor God loves the nation that left Him. You have the right to read much more about Hosea’s love story here.

A couple of takeaways

When ns studied what the scriptures says around love, a few things win me together important:

Most the the time, it’s around God’s love because that His people.

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How about you?

You can easily read any kind of one that the chapters and also books I noted here in fifty percent an hour. In fact, some of these are on the perform of shortest publications in the Bible. Shot reading one of them.

I’d love come hear what you find out in the comments!

* Sometimes I’ll partner with institutions to help more people know about their resources—in return, they provide me a kickback when civilization purchase. This is among those times. ;-)