ns a cross-dresser. I’ve to be wanting to start taking female birth manage pills so I can get more feminine and also grow some breasts. Will certainly taking mrs birth regulate pills assist me execute this to my body? thank you and also hope come hear from you very soon. — getting Resources on Womanhood

taking birth control pills, which typically contain the sex hormone estrogen and also progestin (progesterone), can indeed lead to the development of “feminine” body traits, including breast growth, the shrinking of the testicles and reduced testosterone levels.

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Other feasible side impacts include: much less muscle massive and much more body fat, a redistribution of body fat to the breasts and also hips, reduced sex drive, decreased ability to ejaculate, raised risk that blood coagulation (made worse if she a smoker), migraines, depression, weight get and higher blood pressure. In more severe cases, it have the right to lead to raised risk for heart disease, heart attacks and also strokes.

as soon as doing sex affirming hormone treatment (as it’s formally called) through a health care provider, estrogen is often taken with androgen blockers, which further reduce testosterone production and help the feminization process along. However, it might take increase to 2 years because that breasts to build to their complete capacity with hormone therapy, according to Seattle children Hospital, i beg your pardon has produced a comprehensive document on gender feminizing hormones that you have to take a watch at.

and even if you have the patience, girlfriend still could not construct as lot of a chest size boost as you like. According to a European research from the newspaper of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, which adhered to 229 trans women taking cross-sex hormones, just 21 attained a bra dimension of an A cup or larger after one year.

This no to discourage girlfriend — chest sizes yes, really vary, in both cis and trans women. We can’t all have actually D racks, much as we could want to. Because that a very detailed break down of breast advancement in trans women taking hormones, which consists of pictures at various stages, visit SecondTypeWoman.info. (Don’t permit the Comic Sans font dissuade you.)

since hormone therapy affects every human body differently, it’s vital to have actually support native knowledgeable and also empathetic medical professionals. Girlfriend don’t want to just start acquisition it willy-nilly. I strongly encourage you to consult a health treatment provider the you trust and also can be ethical with about your wellness history, concerns, needs, medicine or alcohol use, etc., that can assist you with dosages, curb next effects and make sure your overall health isn’t being adversely impacted. Howard Brown Health facility might be a good place to start, if you’re in Chicago. They offer sliding-scale rates, hormone management and monitoring, therapy and also support groups. Some Planned Parenthood clinics offer gender affirming hormone treatment as well.

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If friend live in a city with an LGBTQ ar center, that’s another means to find resources that could offer hormone-related help. Other sites to discover health care assist include trans Health, MyTransHealth, and also the National facility for Transgender Equality.

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