In your opinion what is the best team come have and why? I have played this game countless times and also had plenty of different combinations in mine team, but I would certainly still struggle to pick a best 6. Swampert would absolutely be in there and also maybe Gardevoir but other than that ns wouldn’t have the ability to choose. I would have chosen Salamence or Metagross but you can’t obtain Bagon or Beldum until near finish game. Shout out to Torkoal, Flygon, Dusclops, Cacturne, Breloom, Exploud, Gyarados, Camerupt, Tentacruel and Walrein.

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Swampert, Gardevoir, Breloom, Manetric, Ninetails, Peliper/Tropius.

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How good is Manetruc actually, I provided him as soon as in sapphire and also he did well enough. Yet I desire to recognize a tiny bit around his viability.

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I really choose theory crafting and also making teams. I usually have actually a few constraints on how I like to execute it -

Team of 6 that have the right to attempt to bring the most usual HMs all the time

No repeating types

Must be obtainable utilizing one video game in a solo playthrough just (No trade evos or trades with other games)

Ideally effort to have actually the entire team of 6 as early as possible (usually by the 4th/5th gym yet can vary). In pre Gen 4 gamings I prefer to make sure that the Pokemon is a decent attacker because that its kind because of the method Physical/Special worked

And with that I have teams because that each starter an option as well!

Picking Treecko : Sceptile, Gardevoir, Tentacruel, Manectric, Skarmory and Flygon. Decent amount that coverage throughout the board, and Flygon is the critical one you get your hand on (I believe Skarmory is a rare encounter en-route to Lavaridge, and also Trapinch in the desert ~ beating Flannery)

Picking Mudkip : Swampert, Gardevoir, Breloom, Crobat, Manectric and Torkoal. I'd like putting ~ above Ninetales, yet you only gain Vulpix in Mt. Pyre i m sorry is a bit too late together per mine rules

Picking Torchic : Blaziken, Gardevoir, Ludicolo, Crobat/Skarmory , Manectric and Flygon. Ludicolo is difficult to gain online due to the fact that of how long that takes to get a waterstone, however I really think the double water-grass combo is precious it because that the synergy on the team. The flyer really simply depends top top your capability to take care of Brawly (you can constantly skip him and also come earlier for the argorial later)

Gardevoir and Manectric space so good in Hoenn playthroughs the they simply can't be missed. For flyers, crobat and also skarmory space the best IMO. Flygon is a personal favourite as well.