1 Mach Bike

Although the Mach cycle has far better acceleration and also seems quicker at first, the Flame runner actually surpasses every vehicles in speed since it continuously accelerates through time. You deserve to only find this the end by actually play the game against all various other combinations because that years. I"ve watched it happen hundreds of times that ns won 1st. Also, castle are nearly matched in speed, though Mach cycle is for medium characters and also Flame jogger is for heavy, and also if girlfriend know just how to move your heavy character, friend can quickly knock other enemies off the food if girlfriend have enough speed, i beg your pardon the flame Runner has the most of! though Flame runner is no as easy to usage as Mach Bike, if you room a skilled racer that deserve to go with a totality course if barely gaining hit, that acceleration will flourish faster and speed you come 1st, i guarantee. It wake up every time. So, through weight, speed, in its entirety acceleration, and I think off-road, the is much better than Mach bicycle always!

Perfect skid for appropriate angle transforms and an excellent mini turbo.(bullet bike has to much skid which ends you increase in the rough! )Handling is not vital as you deserve to skid every edge without shedding speed (whether you do the turbo or not).Best bike for time trials together it has fantastic speed and drift. Plus you can wheely ~ above the straights. And also as the acceleration stats room low castle balance the karts stats by bumping up other ones.Weight is high i beg your pardon is perfect for rainbow roadway as you deserve to barge world to the void and also there is much less risk of having actually to much air time which deserve to land girlfriend in the void.

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Statistically the best auto in the game. Great for players who have actually learned within drift and can start to begin playing an ext competitively. I think 25 world records are right now held through this vehicle. The is certain broken, with great speed, weight, drift, and mini-turbo, which make the car the peak pick for many players.

This one is amazing. That has great speed and great drift and those space the most necessary stats and it go alright in other stats. However, the Mach cycle would more than likely be used much more if the weight wasn"t so low.

3 bullet Bike

This vehicle is an excellent for users of within drift who want something the drifts tighter. With the greatest stats in the drift and also mini-turbo categories, this bicycle is the 3rd best vehicle in the game. However, it is contempt slower than vehicles choose the fire Runner and Mach Bike. Additionally, this auto is incredibly light and also will get way too lot air time, and be bumped turn off on tracks favor Rainbow Road. You usually see a couple of people using this online. It"s a an excellent vehicle pick and also I recommend using it.

I usage to always use Dolphin Dasher through the Mii, however ended up switching for the Mach Bike through Daisy instead. Yet now I"ve been making use of the cartridge Bike through Baby Daisy, didn"t recognize how helpful mini turbo really is, with the slightly included acceleration this cycle destroys!

This is the finest bike! that is so basic to manage & has great acceleration. Use it through Toad, a baby, or dried Bones and also you"ll get good acceleration, an excellent drift, great boost, an excellent ease, and an excellent wins!

If Mach bike ain"t your fodder, use this one. An excellent all around, and also has enough acceleration to recover and kick the Flame jogger offscreen if you need to scrape first place.

4 Wild Wing

It has negative acceleration without an increasing so it really suck if you gain hit by shells, crash, etc, and the handling may no be an excellent if you"re just going come turn choose a dummy however if girlfriend drift it"s really good with hands-on drifting because the "mini turbo" stat is very high so the boost you acquire after a drift is yes, really good. And if you drift right and also follow a an excellent line you have the right to go yes, really fast. It"s all about maintaining momentum despite really.

I never like using bikes, therefore this is my walk to vehicle for mediums. Mach bicycle if it to be a bike. I have tendency to use either my mii or daisy through it. Because that small, the Concerto is the ideal kart and also for huge it is the Dragontetti/Honeycoupe. Anyway the wild wing has great speed, drift and also mini turbo, which are the most essential to me.

Great for beginners or those who just prefer karts. My go-to.

The finest default automobile of any Mariokart game. Yes, really fast and also not hard to control.

5 Dolphin Dasher

Great off road and an excellent speed, v okay acceleration. I additionally use this one v my mii together well. It"s mine fave. M top five are dolphin dasher, jet bubble, spear, piranha prowler, and also mini beast

I really favor using the dolphin dasher, it"s a well rounded bike, and a little better on the points that matter.

It"s prefer the Mach Bike. Another an excellent bike because that mediums. This bike is awesome.

Boi, action up if girlfriend think you deserve to beat me with this bike. Ns will end your career

6 Honeycoupe

This is the best kart in the game due to the fact that of the speed, weight, drift, and mini turbo stat, and also it is additionally my key kart. I gain using it through Dry Bowser.

This is my go as well for big characters (I usually use Rosalina) and she is an excellent with it in one-of-a-kind (tried she in 150cc, came first) and She is good in shell cup (100cc, came very first with a rank of 2 stars) it feels virtually exactly the same as the wild wing, with the advantage of added weight.

The Honeycoupe is the best car in the game. Great handling andgreat drifts. The is soft come drive. Waluigi is the finest character to play through this car.

Very good stats in practically everything. Fast and great handling and also boost.

7 Quacker

The Quacker has beast Acceleration, Handling, Drift and Mini-Turbo. The problem is the it gets bumped off tracks and it walk not have actually speed. A great vehicle overall.

It has excellent acceleration. The only difficulty is no one is walking to take you seriously in this vehicle.

This is my key bike, its terrific in acceleration and also drifting, plus that looks therefore cute too. Toad is mine favourite character

Baby daisy has actually the finest quacker. Ns play through her a lot and also I"m a boy!

8 Magikruiser

A an extremely interesting vehicle, the Magikruiser has actually the highest possible offroad stat in the game, therefore you deserve to take a the majority of offroad shortcuts shroomless. Reduced through the shallow water top top Shy male Beach and you"ll it is in on your means to a pretty finishing time. This automobile is used for 2 world records and it dominates on offroad-oriented tracks. A fun vehicle to usage overall.

The Magikruiser is the ideal bike in the game. Has the best speed and also some the the finest off-road ever! It"s a really cool bike and looks ideal with baby luigi. The only thing i don"t like about it is the it looks like the weird wizard-turtle Magikoopa.

This bicycle is Awesome. The has an excellent speed and it watch so well on various other caracters. (espesilly Toad) and also It has a great drift and it looks so awesome and very cool. It is very great for racing for me top top wifi.

This is a bike which is good for civilization who prefer all rounders. The best thing to topen it increase is it"s offroad. Infant Mario looks cute in that in my opinion.

9 Spear

This is decent, yet it has actually horrible drift, for this reason I would recommend this with your Mii, Waluigi, or Bowser.

Fastest bicycle in the game. I constantly unlock expert staff ghosts v this guy!

This is actually a good vehicle because that Moo Moo Meadows and Mushroom Gorge.

High rate bike also decent weight great vehicle overall!

10 Flame Flyer

This is used in the non - shortcut people record top top Rainbow Road.

My main kart. I gain using this through Funky Kong.

This is officially dubbed the Bowser Bike!

The most overrated kart.

11 Blue Falcon

This is how to acquire the Blue Falcon for those world who room willing to gain it:The Blue Falcon deserve to be unlocked in Mario Kart Wii by to win the Lightning Cup in mirror Mode, or by playing 4,200 races. It does not have a bike counterpart for the tiny size class, being more similar come the medium bike Sneakster and the large bike Spear.

A really fast kart but low handling, i beg your pardon is bad for me considering I usage automatic, however at an excellent for races without spicy turns!

The Blue Falcon is the best since when ns unlocked it and also tried that out, i came an initial place in ~ 10 secs!

This car looks so cool when you ride the its awesome rate is amazing!

12 supervisor Blooper

I usage this automobile because come me its like the Warp and Compact stars in Kirby wait Ride.

I used this kart with Yoshi and I had a many fun v it.

You will not regret using this v Yoshi.

Always walk for baby bowser in this, to draw ass!

13 Sprinter

This one i like

15 Jetsetter

Rosalina and the jetsetter is the finest combo. The jetsetter has horrible drift and off road, but once you gain used to it it"s a really great vehicle. It"s really fast and is an excellent for time trials, or simply practicing because transforming at rapid speeds are an excellent practice. I really prefer the looks and also designs the the jetsetter since it looks prefer a actual race car.

Pretty straightforward to use when you acquire the cave of it. Very good for SNES Ghost valley 2. Ns have also gotten first place virtual 2-3 times on Luigi Circuit v it and also Rosalina. Ns recommend practicing with time trials on hard tracks in ~ first. It renders the much easier tracks lot easier.

The fastest car in the game and one of mine favorites. This have to be higher.

I usage this in manual and also get big boosts. I also love knocking civilization into water!

16 Cheep Charger

For some factor it just feels great to drive this auto in shy male beach...hmmm i wonder why though...

This is SLOW. I provided it ~ above a Luigi Circuit Time Trial and also I walk horribly.

Cheep charger rocks! It"s the ideal of every the tiny tiny bikes except the quacker

It is the most beneficial kart ever on rainbow road!

17 Jet Bubble

Fun come look at and fun come use.

Love it. All I can say

This one is awesome

Best bike in game.

18 Wario Bike

It"s the opposite of fast, yet has great acceleration and weight. I usage this through funky kong since of funky"s speed and the wario bike because that its weight and accel.

Only complain is the drifting, but you have an excellent acceleration, so you"ll still it is in fine even if girlfriend hit a wall!

Disaster. Poor handling and drift and also negligible speed. You"ll be murdered in a tooth-and-nail 150cc brawl.

It"s the bike from the amazing Wario gamings like warioware!

19 Bowser Bike

This bike and Rosalina space the two factors why the human in 2nd place looks like he or she is losing. I nearly did a full lap roughly Baby Peach top top this bike. Nearly. Oh, happy moment. I just killed mine time on every solitary track!

Bowser bike and dry Bowser room a BEAST on every track!

The Bowser cycle is the fire runner and the flame runner already is in ~ 2nd

Try funky kong top top it!

20 Shooting Star

I use this with Bowser, dried Bowser, or Wario. Underrated vehicle.

The cycle looks for this reason cool!

Hello I favor Mario kart

That is difficult for it to be critical it is mine #2behind the sneakster

21 Mini Beast

The absolute best kart in the game, mini beast has actually high speed, the best mini turbos, a small size and also the ideal drift for a kart. Wii wheel 100%!RobS

This is the ideal lightweight kart in the video game in regards to both drift and mini-turbo stats. It"s rate is decent together well. I always use the Mini Beast v Toad to get the ideal drift stat.

I choose this one

22 traditional Kart

The L version of this kart is quite underrated, particularly with Funky Kong, or maybe also with King Boo.

Do not usage this unless you room a beginner or if you are in battle mode.

I largely use this in fight mode and VS setting with cheat Kong.

I use this in fight Mode with Funky Kong.

24 Zip Zip

The Zip Zip is my personal favorite vehicle in any Mario kart game. It has great stats, and also is simple to handle. Likewise it has actually a very nice look to it, it has actually a 1940"s kind of look come it, not some hipster crotch-rocket.

25 Sneakster

My personal favorite bike. I virtually always select it (my other option is the Mach Bike) as my Mii.

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The Sneakster isn"t really bad, for this reason why is that low? ns mean, it has actually high speed and also acceptable drift.