Driver License exercise Test

Driver License exercise Test #1

This sample test is designed to help you check your understanding of the information needed to attain an Arizona driver patent or indict permit.

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Questions room taken from the Arizona Driver patent Manual. Please thoroughly study the Manual prior to taking the examination. A score of 80% or higher is forced to pass the actual examination.

More 보다 one answer may be correct; pick the finest one.

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1.The rate limit draw close a school crosswalk is:
15 mph20 mph25 mph
2.A institution bus is quit on a four-lane roadway with that stop-sign arm extended, friend must:
slow-moving down and proceed with cautionStop if friend are relocating in the very same direction of travelStop nevertheless of her direction that travel
3.All arrived at an uncontrolled intersection in ~ the same time. Which has the right-of-way?:
Car 2Car 1Car 3
4.When you view or hear an emergency vehicle approaching:
Immediately drive to the best side of the road and also stopSlow down and also permit the emergency automobile to passRemain alert and also stay come the right
5.This hand signal means:
Right turnStopping or slowingLeft rotate
6.You should give the right-of-way to any type of pedestrian who is:
In a marked crosswalkCrossing any streetIn any crosswalk or intersection
7.When steering on wet roads you should:
Reduce your speedPump your brakes occasionallySwitch to short beam headlights
8.Before start a roadway from an alley or driveway, girlfriend must:
Flash her high beam headlightsSound her hornStop prior to reaching the sidewalk
9.When backing, girlfriend should:
Look in her inside rearview mirrorTurn and look the end the behind windowTurn and also look the end the driver window
10.The automobile that do a correct rotate was:
Car 2Car 1Car 3
11.If you space parking uphill and also there is a curb, you should:
Turn her wheels come the right, toward the curbKeep her wheels straight aheadTurn your wheels to the left, far from the curb
12.When no rate limit is posted, the maximum rate in a organization or residential area is:
30 mph25 mph35 mph
13.When control a vehicle, friend may:
speak to more than one passenger in the vehicleWrite or read any type of text-based communicationWatch, record or broadcast video
14.If you intend to turn beyond an intersection, friend should:
Wait come signal your rotate until you are in the intersectionSignal your turn as you technique the intersectionUse a hand signal
15.It is illegal to monitor fire vehicles traveling in response to an alarm, within:
500 feet200 feet300 feet
16.If you method a school bus that is choose up or dropping off children, you must:
Stop and then proceed with cautionStop until the bus is relocating or the stop sign arm is no longer extendedSlow and also yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians
17.This hand signal means:
Right turnStopping or slowly downLeft turn
18.It is safe to return to your roadway after happen when:
You deserve to see both headlights that the auto in her inside rearview mirrorThe driver you just passed signal you overWhen you deserve to see the driver in your side mirror
19.If you room parking downhill, girlfriend should:
Keep your wheels straight aheadTurn her wheels to the left, far from the edge of the roadTurn her wheels come the right, towards the edge of the road
20.Before you make a turn, use your turn signals:
For at least 500 feetFor at least 4 secondsOnly once other vehicles have the right to be seen on the road
21.It is illegal come park if a crosswalk is within:
20 feet10 feet15 feet
22.Before girlfriend turn, you need to signal repetitively for in ~ least:
50 feet100 feet75 feet
23.This hand signal means:
Stopping or slowly downLeft turnRight turn
24.The wheelchair prize in a parking space way that that is scheduled for disabled persons:
But may be used by any kind of driver if no other an are is availableBut may be used by any driver for loading and unloadingWith no exceptions
25.The white automobile will rotate left. The black vehicle will walk straight. Which has the right-of-way?:
Black carWhite carNeither car
26.To make a left turn, you must turn into:
Lane 1Lane 2Either lane 1 or lane 2
27.It is illegal to park if a fire hydrant is within:
15 feet5 feet10 feet
28.A college bus v flashing lights has stopped ~ above a separated highway. Who have to stop?:
Cars 1 and also 2Car 1 onlyCars 2 and also 3
29.If you are parking uphill and also there is no curb, you should:
Turn your wheels come the right, toward the edge of the roadTurn her wheels come the left, far from the leaf of the roadKeep your wheels directly ahead
30.This authorize means:
Curves aheadSlippery when wetHill ahead
31.When observing law enforcement lamp and/or sirens triggered behind you, chauffeurs should:
instantly yield come the ideal side the the roadwayAccelerateBrake immediately
32.When quit by regulation enforcement, vehicle drivers should:
placed the car in park and also remain in the vehicleKeep your seatbelt fastened and hands top top the steering wheel in a visible locationAll of the above
33.When quit by regulation enforcement, if there is a firearm in the vehicle, the driver should:
save your hands on the steering wheel in a clearly shows locationIf requested, let the officer understand that you have actually a firearm in the vehicle and where the firearm is located.All that the above
34.Signing because that or accepting a quote from a law enforcement officer:
Is not an join of guilt or responsibilityIs a promise to show up in the case of a criminal violationAll of the above
35.What perform you perform after a non-injury, fender bender collision?
A driver involved in a boy crash without injuries, need to remove the vehicle from the roadway (Quick Clearance) if it is operable and also can be moved safely.Stay put and wait because that emergency responders.Immediately inspect your auto for damage.