Watermelon & Mint

The ethereal sweetness the Watermelon, the fresh of Mint, and also real white wine. The only thing that can make this smell trifecta any an ext refreshing is a prior porch and a friend or two to share that with.

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4%Alc. Through Vol Gluten-FreeWine Cooler all NaturalFruit-Flavors

Ginger & Lemon

The zip the Ginger, zing the Lemon, and real white wine is perfect because that picnics, parties, or nice much any other shindig where an excellent times are anticipated.

4%Alc. By Vol Gluten-FreeWine Cooler all NaturalFruit-Flavors

Grapefruit & environment-friendly Tea

Tangy Grapefruit, smooth environment-friendly Tea, and also real white wine. Just include a couple lawn chairs and also some other lawn-sitting enthusiasts, and you’ve got yourself a weekend live right.

4%Alc. By Vol Gluten-FreeWine Cooler every NaturalFruit-Flavors

Cucumber & Lime

The crisp taste that Cucumber, cake flavor of Lime, and also real white wine is great as-is. Or might we imply pairing yours through a lazy summer sunset?

4%Alc. By Vol Gluten-FreeWine Cooler every NaturalFruit-Flavors

Back in 1984, it occured come Ed that between his fruit orchard and also my wine vineyard we can create a truly superior wine cooler. The an outcome was the Bartles & Jaymes Premium alcohol Cooler.

We use genuine white wine. Because, if it’s dubbed a "wine cooler" we reckon there outta it is in wine in it.

And Ed wanted me come remember to point out we use actual fruit flavors, too. So even if it is you’re enjoy it our premium product outside, poolside, fireside, courtside, seaside or in the landscape you’ll know each deserve to holds quality inside.

I"ve uncovered that life moves much faster now than it did earlier in the 80s. And also that’s simply fine. I’m certain there space plenty of folks who gain a real kick out of functioning on weekends and also never-ending notifications.

But in me and Ed"s opinion it appears a genuine shame the a lot of you have forgotten how to relax all together.

So ns asked Ed, here, to placed together a tiny presentation the relaxing tasks to shot with Bartles in hand.


Swimming pools room a relaxing summertime classic. Ed has tendency to choose the below ground variety, as over ground options only have a deep finish if they’re on uneven ground


After a long day in the orchard, a massage can really execute the trick. And just favor Bartles & Jaymes Premium wine Coolers, there"s a flavor for just around everyone. There"s Swedish, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu. We even heard that one whereby burly ladies wallup ya with tree branches because that a while. Choices abound.


For a small international flair, could we suggest the ancient Japanese art of karaoke. No fighting is involved, however Ed warns it can occasionally inflict ache on others. Can we suggest Bartles & Jaymes paired with an 80s rock ballad.


If naturesque experiences relieve your stress, our new flavors pair well v starry nights, portable coolers and bonfires v your granola girlfriend in the woods. Ed stated he as soon as met a guy deep in the aspens, adorned with piercings, who discussed our premium alcohol coolers are even an excellent after a nude dip in the warm springs. That knew?


No matter the streaming business you prefer, relaxing after a day"s work-related is universally appreciated by every cultures and also peoples. Couches room always great for sitting and also ottomans work-related well for worn down legs. Bartles & Jaymes compliments together a perfect couch companion because that days you desire to sit ago and chill.


Ed has been reading about reverse psychology lately and also says plenty of marketing experts use it. Ed additionally says no to place atop of the bow the a vessel and also rest your eyes to the sweet sounds of lake life through a Bartles & Jaymes in hand. Again, you need to not carry out that.

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Here is photo of a squirrel hoarding nuts for Winter....We simply thought the image was relaxing.That’s all.

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Our four brand-new flavors room now easily accessible across this good nation. But if you need a an ext specific answer, shot this comfortable finder button. Together always,

thank you for your support.

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Back in the 1980’s we had a lot to say around relaxing, and around our Premium wine coolers. Us think our message is just as true now. Feel totally free to peruse our past and also present-day advertisement to check out for yourself. And also naturally....

say thanks to you for her support.

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