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This YouTube video clip (see below) is hysterical and also reminds me the the English idiom: Barking increase the wrong tree.

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Take a look and also see if you deserve to understand the definition of the expression. The photo above should likewise give you a good hint. You’ll discover the definition below.


Does that is make feeling now? The dog is barking in ~ the statue since he wants him to litter the stick so he can play fetch.  Obviously, the statue is not human and cannot move. Therefore the dog is questioning for aid from someone that cannot help him.

Barking up the wrong tree is one English idiomatic expression. 

We usage the expression “barking increase the dorn tree” together a metaphor to define when someone is make the efforts to achieve something yet they"re doing it in the wrong method (or they are trying to obtain something yet they will certainly not be successful).

The snapshot above is also a great visual explanation that the expression. The dog is barking up one tree however the cat has escaped to one more one.


          1) doing something that will certainly not gain you the an outcome you want;

          2) to be wrong about the reason for something.

Example sentences

— I make the efforts to acquire information native the receptionist around the director but she was just a short-lived employee so i was barking increase the wrong tree.

— My roommate has actually been flattering her professor to shot to end up being a teaching assistant however she"s barking increase the wrong tree since the room chair makes those decisions. 

— My brother keeps bugging my sister for money yet he"s barking increase the not correct tree because she"s broke.

— You"re barking increase the dorn tree if friend think you"ll obtain into Harvard through your grades.

— If you think your boss will put in a great word because that you with the director you"re barking up the not correct tree.

— I was definitely barking up the wrong tree as soon as I inquiry my boyfriend to pick out a dress for my office party. He has horrible taste.

— My classmate barked up the wrong tree once he asked me to help him cheat top top the exam. Not just did ns not aid him yet I said the teacher what he to be trying to do.

Check out this video clip with instances from television

In this video, Jay Pimentel gives details of the beginning of the idiom "barking increase the not correct tree," together with examples that the idiom used in several television episodes.

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It"s great to hear the idioms in context. Friend can examine out more videos around idioms in ~ Jay"s YouTube channel.


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