Do you have a transaction with bank of America? girlfriend can uncover a branch in the Philippines for this reason you can do you transactions. However, over the counter withdrawals and also deposits may not be available. The branch in subway Manila is normally for corporate and also business transactions.

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Branches in the Philippines

The bank of America branch in the Philippines is situated in Makati. The address is 27th Floor the Philamlife Tower at 8767 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 1226

Saturday Schedule

The bank is closeup of the door on Saturdays. The continuous banking hours are native Monday come Friday 9 to be to 3 PM.

Contact Number

Contact number of Bank of America in the Philippines is 8155000 or 8155600

ATM in the Philippines that Accepts bank of America

There is no ATM of the bank available. However, you have the right to use any type of ATM of any kind of bank v the logos that American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

ATM Chage Feee is about Php 250 per transaction due to the fact that it is international issued card.

Check Encashment

You may call the Makati office is they expropriate cheque encashment transactions. The office is for government and corporate accounts but there is no injury in trying.

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Thomas Beaudin
in march 18, 2021 in ~ 3:07 am

I dialed the number above, 8155000, however was told the number ns dialed was incorrect. I’m in ras Pinas, and also need to talk to a Customer organization rep now. Speak to me at 63 916————-.

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Name: TOM Account in US: **************** Issue: Account access

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