Every person has actually his or her very own preference once it comes to body hair. Some human being just let their hair thrive in naturally and also never touch it, when others insist on keeping every inch of their body shave — and there room many civilization whose grooming practices loss somewhere in-between.

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For both men and also women, there appears to be a consensus on exactly how to maintain the hair on the head, face, legs, and armpits. However, over there doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be a collection standard about the hair ~ above the eight — particularly for women.

There room plenty of women with hairy eight who like to keep them that way, and there room equally as plenty of women that can’t stand even the slightest little of stubble on your arms. So what’s the address arm hair? are women supposed to keep it, or shave it every off?

The short answer is: It’s up to you. There’s no physics health advantage to shaving your arms, yet when you have your hair groomed in a means that makes you feel her best, that can rise your self-esteem and also positively impact your mental health. Here’s what you require to recognize if you’re wondering around shaving her arms.

There are plenty of different ways to eliminate arm hair: You deserve to shave that off, wax it off, trim it, usage hair remove creams, or experience electrolysis, laser hair removal, or sugaring.

Each method has its very own positives and negatives, depending on your budget, ache tolerance, and also desired permanency. Shaving, trimming, and also using hair removal cream are good options for acquiring rid that your arm hair quickly, easily, and cheaply, and also they’re normally less painful than the various other methods. Yet the results are no permanent. Electrolysis, hair laser removal, and also regular sugaring are much more permanent options; however, therapies are frequently expensive and also can be painful. Waxing has varying degrees of pain and also can it is in expensive or inexpensive, relying on whether friend visit a shop or usage an at-home waxing kit.

If you’re someone new to arm hair removal who is in search of an inexpensive, easy, pain-free option, shaving is more than likely your best bet.

If “Should I cut my arms?” keeps popping up in her head, remember: No one can answer the question however you. Take some time to think around it. If having actually hairy eight doesn’t bother you, you do not do it feel any pressure to shave them. If girlfriend decide that you’d choose smoother, hair-free arms, then it’s OK to look right into hair removal options.

Don’t allow beauty requirements sway you. Her grooming options should reflect what makes you feel the most comfortable.


It counts on how fast your body hair typically grows. Come remain totally hairless, you’ll have shave your arms as frequently as you would certainly shave other parts of your body, favor your legs. Human being with naturally hairy arms will need to shave an ext often to keep the results.

After shaving her arms because that the very first time, suppose to see stubble a few days later. Plan on cut them at the very least once or twice a main after that. (And remember: execute not dry shave! You could remove the hair on her arms, but you’ll also end up through razor burn.)

There’s a widely-known myth the shaving your arm hair will certainly make the grow back thicker, darker, and faster. But the reality is, cut won’t adjust the texture, color, or expansion speed of your hair. The outlet hair the grows in after cut is just stubble. When you usage a razor to shave, it cuts the hair in a way that leaves each strand with a straight, dull edge. That sharp edge might feel person that is abnormal rough, however the actual hair is still the very same as it to be before.

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Because your arm hair won’t adjust after shaving, there’s tiny risk in do the efforts it the end if you’re curious. So go ahead and also see if girlfriend like having shaved arms. If girlfriend don’t, you can quickly go back to embracing your arm hair.