If friend know any kind of shark scientists, a fun way to kill part time is to point out "Shark Week" come them. There will be arm waving, spittle, and also ranting.

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Discovery Channel and Animal earth are "the rotting carcass of scientific research television." they jumped the shark years ago; their fake documentary about Megalodon, a prehistoric shark extinction for numerous years, is simply the latest failure. Reaction from marine scientists has actually been swift and brutal; also Snopes obtained in ~ above the churn. Unfortunately, many of Shark Week's audience doesn't it seems ~ to understand what they room seeing is bogus.

This week, discovery upped the fakery one more notch, developing a false news report the a bull shark in Lake Ontario:

"It’s O.K., Canada. Summer swimming tasks can resume together normal. Discovery wants come quell the comes to of Canadians everywhere and also reveal that the widely-circulated video of a shark swimming in Lake Ontario is, in fact, not a actual shark. The video clip of the exceptionally life-like prosthetic model shark is the an initial stage the a multi-level marketing project tied come the channel’s top summer event, SHARK WEEK."

BULL Shark, indeed.

Ontario organic Resources Minister invoice Mauro authorize a warning come the public before the video was revealed together fake. Apparently enough Canucks to be freaked the end by the – video that discovery had to lug us all in on the joke early.

The hoax wasted valuable time of real scientists and conservationists, who had to respond to public and also media information requests, also as shot to verify the report. Ns agree with Deep Sea News: SHARK WEAK.


Rick Mac, DNS NewsIt's puzzling that exploration chooses to develop fake after fake, as soon as there are real, critical, and also interesting story to be told. What IS in the great Lakes? A Pacu, a loved one of Piranhas known as the "ball nipper," was caught in Lake St. Clair Michigan this week. The pacu is discovered occasionally all with the unified States, and apparently are captured around "every other year" in Michigan.

Will these fish yes, really eat her balls?

The proof is mixed, at best. Danish Museum Scientist Henrik Carl said of this fish:

"The pacu's mouth is not so big, therefore of food it typically eats nuts, fruit, and tiny fish, however human testicles are simply a natural target. It's not normal to gain your testicles bitten off, of course, however it have the right to happen."

Getting her testicles bitten off: these things simply happen, y'all.

Pacu execute indeed have a crushing jaw choose piranhas, and do typically eat seeds and nuts in their aboriginal habitat. Yet that doesn't typical they will eat her nuts.

They have consumed some finger in Edinburgh, and also they room blamed for two deaths in Papua brand-new Guinea due to scrotum nipping, yet that seems anecdotal. In fact, few of Carl's aquarium colleagues have actually walked his statements around ball eating back, saying the fears are overblown. This statement, however, is no that re-assuring:

"They are nearly identical to the piranha, you couldn't also tell from the outside. It's just that castle have various teeth. Flatter and also stronger, perfect because that crushing," that added."

What you have to really be freaked out about

Why are Amazonian fish arriving in ours lakes? Mostly because of aquarium hobbists. Pacu are are billed together "vegetarian pirañas"; lock are easy to keep and maintain, and also look yes, really cool. Those teeth room seriously freaky.

The trouble is pacu grow; castle can acquire up come 90cm in length. This is much bigger than many of us can address in a residence aquarium. Part idiots solve the trouble by dumping your exotic fish into the nearest body of water, and also an invasive types begins to spread.

Pacu are simply one of many exotic varieties of fish the are found regularly in the good Lakes, and that pose real threats to this an essential freshwater ecosystem.

Many of our issues with invasive varieties of fish (and other animals) are resulted in by people releasing pets. The Aquarium trade is responsible for a 3rd of introductions the non-native types to ours waterways. Once the fish released room predators choose pacu, snakeheads, or lionfish, the results deserve to be catastrophic for smaller sized fish and also ecosystems.

You understand what would be useful, exploration Channel? If girlfriend made a show around the REAL worries we challenge from invasive species, and also helped education people around the consequences of release non-native species. The is a show I would watch and promote for you.

Beyond ballast water: aquarium and ornamental trades as sources of invasive types in aquatic ecosystems

California s Science trust Reports ~ above Aquarium Trade


Gwen Pearson has a doctor in Entomology, and also is Outreach Coordinator because that the Purdue department of Entomology.

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