If you were born in the 90s or at an early stage 2000s there’s a great chance your afternoons were invested watching H20: Just include Water and dreaming of berebab.neting a mermaid.

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The struggle Disney Channel show followed 3 teenagers, Emma, Rikki and also Cleo, who turned into mermaids pretty lot anytime they come into call with water.

Not only was H20 arguably one of the finest childhood shows, it likewise helped beginning the careers the Aussie homegrown actors like Phoebe Tonkin and Angus McLaren. 

Watch the trailer because that H20: Just add Water and also relive all the memories. Article continues below. 

Video via Channel 10.

Now, 14 years on native the show's premiere, we chose to take it a swim under memory lane and see what the cast are doing now. 

Phoebe Tonkin (Cleo Sertori)


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Phoebe Tonkin was just 15 once she was actors as Cleo Sertori in H20. Since then, the currently 31-year-old model and also actress has ongoing to discover fame both in Australia and overseas. 

After the show, Tonkin rejoined with her on-screen friend Angus McLaren (who played Lewis) during a brief appearance in Packed come the Rafters.

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In 2010, she landed a duty in Home and Away and the Aussie movie Tomorrow, when the war Began. 

The following year she moved to LA whereby she ongoing acting and also became a Chanel brand ambassador. In 2012, Tonkin scored the role of Hayley Marshall in The Vampire Diaries and also The Originals alongside fellow mermaid Claire Holt (who play Emma). 

Most recently, the Sydney born actress starred in Stan's drama series Bloom, i beg your pardon McLaren also appeared on. Speak to Popsugar, Tonkin described she was interested in the display as soon as she check out the script.  

"I got sent the script and also read the very first one and sent an email to mine agent and was like, 'I would do this in 10 seconds, obtain me the job!'" she said the publication. 

"Even in the first few pages of reading it, ns realised that was very unique because that Australia and also will do a huge impression the Australia is a huge rebab.netpetitor come the rest of the world."

Outside the acting, Tonkin is date Phantom earth singer Alex Greenwald, who she mutual a cute photo with ~ above Instagram previously this year.