in ~ the end of the day, anyone knows that renowned actors are paid the big bucks come pretend they space someone else. In spite of that, once a viewer i do not care emotionally involved with a movie or TV show, it regularly doesn’t take it too lengthy for lock to wish there was some truth to what they room seeing.

as soon as viewers spend years on end watching a pair of gibbs portray the finest of friends onscreen, it only makes sense that they want to think they like each other in actual life. However, life can be really disappointing in ~ times and some co-stars who’ve played close friend for many years didn’t gain along at every behind-the-scenes.

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For several years, Miley Cyrus and also Emily Osment co-starred in Hannah Montana together. Unfortunately, even though their characters shared an extremely close bond, there have long been reports the Osment and Cyrus to be the farthest thing from pals. Through that in mind, that begs an evident question, what is the truth around Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus’ relationship?

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A Memorable Show

end the years, there have actually been so numerous Disney Channel shows came and went without lot fanfare the it would certainly be foolhardy to try and list them all here. V that in mind, that is every the much more remarkable the Hannah Montana still holds such a hallowed location in the understanding of its dedicated fans much more than a decade after the collection ended.

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~ above the air from 2006 till 2011, Hannah Montana was successful sufficient to knife a lengthy list of award nominations consisting of at the Primetime Emmys. On top of that, the series was enough of a ratings hit that it spawned a theatrically exit concert film titled Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: best of Both civilizations Concert.

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Feud Evidence

Ever due to the fact that Miley Cyrus an initial became famous, she has taken part in one interview ~ another. As a result, she has actually been asked around some subjects an horrible lot over the years, including her partnership with Emily Osment. Because that example, during a 2008 Seventeen interview, Cyrus offered the impression the she and Osment had actually grown very close. "When you"re through someone all the time, it"s an ext than simply she and I space friends, we"re sisters now."

Unfortunately, it didn’t take lengthy for Miley Cyrus to change her tune as soon as it comes to her partnership with Emily Osment. Because that example, in 2009 Cyrus exit an autobiography title “Miles to Go” in which she wrote about how controversial things regularly were for her and Osment. "Emily and I do the efforts to it is in friends, us really did, yet it constantly ended in a fight. Our characters got along so well, why couldn"t we act the same in real life?"

Ever because the release of “Miles come Go” a the majority of onlookers assumed that Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment would constantly remain on negative terms. Unfortunately, the perception was just cemented when Osment posted picture of herself reuniting with the other stars of Hannah Montana there is no Cyrus. The reality that part fans took that image as additional proof that an continuous feud to be weird due to the fact that Osment and Cyrus both wrote about missing each other on Twitter at that time. On optimal of part fans drawing conclusions from that situation, part observers detailed that Cyrus and also Osment don’t follow one an additional on Instagram and took that as evidence of their feud.

mending Fences

because the release of Miley Cyrus’ autobiography, “Miles to Go”, there has actually been a many of evidence that points come the idea that she and Emily Osment have mended fences. Because that example, the previous co-stars have both posted around missing one another on society media much more than once. On top of that, in 2019 Cyrus post a throwback selfie that she and also Osment took years earlier on her Instagram stories.

On peak of every one of their social media message posts, Emily Osment and also Miley Cyrus reunited over one Instagram live currently in 2020. Throughout an appearance on Cyrus’ Instagram Live talk show Bright Minded: Live with Miley, Osment and also her former co-star showed up to substantially enjoy reminiscing around their time working together. Much more importantly than every one of the things that Osment and Cyrus said throughout their reunion, there appeared to be a genuine affection in between the two.

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that course, the only people who deserve to truly understand the nature that Emily Osment and also Miley Cyrus’ connection are the two actors themselves. With that said, as soon as you look at every little thing that is publically known around Cyrus and also Osment’s interactions, the paints a nice obvious photo of things. Most likely not the close during a lot of their time co-starring in Hannah Montana, the pair appears to have actually largely made amends also though they almost certainly will never be ideal pals.

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