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As July 4, or self-reliance Day, is a commonwealth holiday, countless non-essential federal government services will certainly be closed for the day. While this won"t influence liquor stores across the U.S., some states have actually state-run liquor shop that may be impacted by the July 4 holiday.

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Liquor legislations vary by state, and sometimes also by county, so prior to heading out on a liquor operation on July 4, make certain you recognize your local liquor laws. Autumn up forward on July 3 can be your finest option, to ensure the you"re not caught short on the day.

States v State-Run Liquor Stores

AlabamaIdahoNew HampshireNorth CarolinaPennsylvaniaUtahVirginia


A view of the many different varieties of Kentucky bourbon the are developed in Kentucky at a Party Mart liquor save on June 1, 2018, in Louisville, Kentucky. State-run liquor store hrs may be affected by the July 4 holiday.John Sommers II/Getty


The Alabama abc Board has yet to announce whether or not its state-run liquor stores will certainly be open on July 4, however they are open on all various other holidays other than for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and brand-new Year"s Day.

In Alabama, 24 the the state"s 67 counties are dry, however there are 55 wet urban in dry counties.


In Idaho, every liquor stores will certainly be open following continual hours top top July 4, but contract liquor stores may be closed, depending on location.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet stores will certainly be open from 10 a.m. Until 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday, but it has not announced its vacation hours, so examine with your neighborhood store, as hrs may differ by location.

New Hampshire"s outlets space hosting a revenue in respect of July 4, however, and also is providing 15 percent turn off the acquisition of 12 or more bottles the Champagne and sparkling wines.

North Carolina

The phibìc Carolina alphabet Commission will be closed on July 3 in observance of freedom Day, yet the stores follow various hours. North Carolina state law prohibits the sale of alcohol top top July 4, however some stores will be open on July 3.


In Pennsylvania, most reopened stores the are generally open top top Saturdays will certainly be open up on July 4 start at their typical Saturday opened hours, with 4 p.m, and also most shop will offer curbside pick-up indigenous 9 a.m. Through 4 p.m.


Utah department of alcoholic Beverage manage announced the Utah"s state-run liquor stores will certainly remain open up from 11 a.m. To 7 p.m. Top top July 3 however will it is in closed top top July 4.

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All Virginia abc stores will open at noon top top July 4 and will close at an early stage at 6 p.m. Virginia alphabet is celebrating freedom Day v a sale lasting v 4 July, enabling customers to save 20 percent on spirits consisting of whiskey, rum, vodka, and gin.