Maintaining a clean and healthy lawn in former of or within the home necessitates the usage of a lawn mower. Lawn mowers, like various other equipment and garden tools, require consistent care, maintenance, and also replacement together time passes. Particularly the mower’s blades, nuts, and also bolts.

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Do lawn mower blades have turning back threads?

No. Lawn mower chisels themselves are not turning back threaded. But! Yes, most of the available lawn mower (like, reel mowers, self propelled, and riding mowers) tongue nuts are reverse threaded to keep the tongue in location on the engine’s drive shaft.

The nut will certainly not extricate once the tongue pivots or spins together a an outcome of this. In any type of event, not all knives use a reverse threaded nut to attach them come the engine’s drive shaft.

Why is reverse threaded nut important?

The reverse thread aids in the blade’s securement ~ above the journey shaft, staying clear of the nut from dislodging together the tongue rotates. It’s essential to remember that not all lawn mowers usage a turnaround threaded nut.


Frequently Asked questions (FAQs):

What size is the seed on a lawn mower blade?

To remove the hex nuts that room holding the blades, revolve the 1 1/8 customs torque counterclockwise. Eliminate the old chisels from the axles of the mower deck and also discard them. In part situations, just tilting the mower to change the blade is much more convenient than removing the deck and replacing the blade.

Why space most blades on the lawn mowers turning back threaded?

Many lawn mower chisels include a reverse threaded blade nut to keep it indigenous becoming loosened and sliding off. This is a basic security attribute that protects both the lawn mower and you native injury.

How to remove stuck nut bolts to eliminate the blade?

Applying lubricant to the hex nuts before removing castle will help the procedure go much more smoothly. If friend don’t have a floor jack, lift the talk mower by driving up a slope.

How tight a lawn mowers’ tongue bolt need to be?

Using a speak wrench, tighten the screw or seed to the specified torque. On to walk behind mower blades, the torque should be in between 38 and also 50 foot pounds. Speak mower chisels should be connected to torque in between 70 and also 90 foot pounds.


Always check out the indict before transforming the chisels on your mower. Cleaning and also maintaining the blade and nut bolts after each intake is a simple method to save them rust free.

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Furthermore, the majority of the mowers room reverse threaded, together is customary in the ancient days. However, before using, make sure the blade is securely fastened and also the seed bolt is in the appropriate position to avoid any type of harm or injury.