When people first shop for bedding, countless are surprised to find out how plenty of different mattress sizes there are. Lock are additionally surprised to discover just just how widely bedding sizes have the right to vary. It’s straightforward to gain confused about how to enhance bedding sizes and also bed sheet sizes v the plenty of different mattress and also bed dimensions there are.

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It’s even an ext confusing once you find that mattress size differ from nation to country. Over there are even mattress sizes strange to single companies! The “Olympic Queen” (66” x 80”) indigenous Simmons is six inches more comprehensive than a conventional queen bed, pick Comfort’s “Grand King” mattress is 4” broader and more than a foot much longer than a common king (80” x 98”), and McRoskey, a only Area mattress company, sells a seven foot by 7 foot square “San Francisco King” (84” x 84”).

In this overview we information standard north American mattress dimensions and show the comforter sizes that work finest with each of them. Then we offer some helpful suggestions about how to acquire the best bedding because that novelty-size mattresses.


Twin39" x 75"
Twin XL39" x 80"
Full54" x 75"
Queen60" x 80"
King76" x 80"
Cal-King72" x 84"

When shopping for bedding, you have actually some room for error once it comes to the size of duvet covers, duvet inserts, and flat sheets, however not fitted sheets. How much room you have actually depends top top how much the peak of your bed is native the floor. Bedding the is too large will drape top top the bedroom floor.

For example, a bed with a special mattress and box spring permits for a lot much more variation in the size of top sheets, blankets, and duvets than a futon frame close come the floor. To obtain your best bedding width, measure the distance from the optimal of her bed to the floor, double it, and add the width of the mattress.

Since equipment sheets space designed to exactly fit the mattress you have much less room because that variation. A slightly too large fitted sheet deserve to be usable if friend tuck the in tightly, however it’s much better to get fitted sheets the exactly complement the dimensions of her mattress. If a fitted paper is as well small, you won’t have the ability to get it on the mattress in ~ all.

Crane & Canopy size Chart

Crane & Canopy sell duvet covers and also duvet inserts in 3 sizes, Twin/Twin XL (68" x 86"), Full/Queen (88” x 92”) and King/Cal King (106” x 92”), and flat sheets in four sizes, Twin/Twin XL (66" x 96"), full (90” x 105”), Queen (96” x 105”) and King/Cal King (108” x 105”).

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We sell fitted sheets and also mattress pads in six sizes that exactly complement standard phibìc American bed dimensions because that Twin, pair XL, Full, Queen, King and also California King. Below is a basic table for equivalent Crane & Canopy bedding sizes v standard mattresses:

Twin39" x 75"TwinTwin
Twin-XL39" x 80"TwinTwin level Sheet, Twin-XL fitted Sheet
Full/Double54" x 75"Full/QueenFull
Queen60" x 80"Full/QueenQueen
King76" x 80"King/Cal-KingKing/Cal-King flat Sheet, King fitted Sheet
California King (Cal-King)72" x 84"King/Cal-KingKing/Cal-King level Sheet, Cal-King equipment Sheet

Note: If friend own among the unexplained sizes stated above, we would indicate King/Cal King duvet covers and duvet inserts for all of them, queen flat sheets because that the Olympic Queen, and King/Cal King flat sheets because that the SF and also Grand King. Equipment sheets are more challenging, because they should complement the mattress dimensions. A Cal King equipment sheet will certainly fit reasonably well on an Olympic Queen, yet for the outsized queens you’ll need to call the suppliers that do them for suitable fitted sheets.