This might come as a shock, yet there are a ton of celebrities the end there that have actually the exact same last name, however aren’t in reality related!

Camila Mendes previously took to society media come clarify the she is her own person and isn’t an account committed to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

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“Just a Camila Mendes✨standing in former of the Twitterverse✨asking the to stop thinking she a pan account because that Camila Cabello and also Shawn Mendes,” she tweeted in February 2017.

The Riverdale star later said the she no understand exactly how fans might confuse she social media account with the couple, who started dating years later in 2019.

“So my name is Camila Mendes and there’s a singer referred to as Camila Cabello and a singer called Shawn Mendes. World seem come think mine Twitter is a pan account for the relationship,” she explained on The late Late show with James Corden in November 2017.

She added at the time: “It’s simply weird since Camila Mendes is a very popular name in Brazil … but they seem to think I’m simply a verified fan account … I just didn’t also know the was a point so ns don’t know!”

Although Camila isn’t close to her namesake, Joey King previously provided that she was on good terms v Jaime King, also though they aren’t related.

“Literally, she closet is the greatest thing in the world. A many of civilization think we’re associated too. We’re actually not. Yet we desire to be,” the Kissing Booth star told WWD in respectable 2016. “We went out to breakfast or having lunch one time and also I had on this like vintage dress. It was fine. She had these Chanel overalls on. Ns like, ‘Dude. Kill me. Obtain out the that. I look stupid beside you.’ She was like, ‘What?’ and also she had her cute tiny baby bump. I was like, ‘Stop. Looking therefore cute all the time."”

Camila and also Joey sign up with other stars that probably resolve the same precise confusion from their fans.

Take Selena Gomez, because that example. She shares a critical name v Spanish popular music singer Becky G, but they aren’t family members members.

What around Ross Lynch? He’s acquired the very same surname together Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch — however no, they’re not siblings either.

And Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo and also The Princess Diaries actress Heather Matarazzo nothing share any genes, contrary to famous belief!

There are plenty more where that came from!

Scroll through our collection to uncover all the various other pairs that celebrities who have the same last name but aren’t associated — and also prepare to it is in shook.

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