A mom of two who has actually the world’s largest herbal breasts has revealed how her 102ZZZ-cup assets have actually netted she millions.

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Annie Hawkins-Turner, who is better known through the pseudonym Norma Stitz (a pat on the expression “enormous t–s”), is celebrating 25 years due to the fact that she turn her large boobs into a successful business.

The 57-year-old fetish model from Atlanta, Georgia has actually held the Guinness civilization Record for her eye-poppingly voluptuous cleavage because 1999.

Unbelievably, her huge boobs, which sweet a staggering 65 pounds each and also are end four and a half feet in length, space still growing.

Annie began developing breasts at the age of five, and by ripe they to be a size 36D.

“When i was a teenager i struggled with the truth my breasts just kept growing and also growing,” she said.

“Finally, ns was diagnosed with of gigantomastia, a condition that involves slow, progressive growth of breast tissue i beg your pardon is why my breasts continue to grow also today.”

Annie was dubbed “whale boob girl” by she peers and feared boys just wanted to date her due to the fact that of her large chest.

However, in 1991 she met the “love of mine life” Allen Turner, one air pressure officer that was 20 years her senior.

“To mine shock I found Allen loved large women and thought my breasts were magnificent,” she said.

“Despite the age gap we obtained on really well. He boosted my confidence, continually told me i was beautiful, and accepted me and also my kids.”

After date for 5 years the pair gained married and also Allen encouraged Annie to begin making the most of she super-size breasts.

“He urged me come send in some pictures to a specialist magazine a year after we met and I was inundated v requests,” she said.

“It was a magazine the featured white women and I to be featured, breaking, i guess, one more record.”

Annie’s career blossomed from over there — she set up a website and charged guys to admire her boobs.

Within month she had actually over a million subscribers and made $50,000 in her very first year.

Annie credit’s she success come Allen and says without him she would certainly not have achieved the job she has.

He sadly died of lung cancer in 2003 however Annie has lugged on v her business, i beg your pardon sees she model, lecture and make unique appearances.

Doctors have actually advised Annie, that is a size 22 and also 5’6″ tall, to have actually a breast reduction yet she has refused.

“I don’t want to mess v nature. Together my breasts grew the muscles in my ago developed and also supported them,” she said.

“I can only journey a 4×4 and also need a larger plane seat. I need to be extra mindful walking downstairs.”

She can not sleep top top her back because the weight of she assets could crush her, needs to have sex on her side, and has never ever breast fed her children — Darius and also Clara — in situation she smothers them.

But she feels this inconveniences perform not matter because her boobs have earned she over a million dollars.

“My organization has placed my youngsters through college, purchase cars and nice homes. I take trip the world and I to be my very own boss,” she said.

Annie states her youngsters are proud however sometime obtain “angry” when fans ogle her.

She is now noting 25 years of gift a “boob-preneur” by launching a an international model search for other women v super-sized real natural breasts.

She’d choose to help them end up being models on her website.

“I’m encouraging females of every ages and also shapes from the U.K, Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA come send me photo and also resumes if castle interested in glamour modeling career favor me,” she said.

Annie, that dresses in stretchy dresses and also has offered up wearing bras, will certainly be headlining shows in ras Vegas at the finish of July and is taking component in the worldwide BBW Convention wherein she will authorize autographs and hold seminars.

Annie is normally mobbed through fans once she attends events and has to employ a bodyguard.

“Fans follow me and when I carry out appearances I uncover myself surrounded by men and women,” she said.

“I first realized I essential security after an appearance in ~ a nightclub 3 years earlier when i was literally mobbed. Ns was totally overwhelmed.”

Often over 300 people flock to she appearances and some “grope” her and also “thrusting their hands under my top.”

She said: “I may have the world’s biggest breasts, I may glamour model, ns may show them off, yet all ns ask is civilization respect my an individual space.”

When Annie no traveling the world, make appearances or doing lectures she’s at home being a typical mom.

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“I just take place to it is in a mum v the world’s largest breast and a mind for business,” she said.