1. Blue Bird that ParadiseThis wondrous bird sits itself on the flower cart, in the best section the the party.

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3. King Bird that ParadiseThis small red bird is perched top top the branch that sticks out on a tree, right alongside the little shop cart.

4. King of sachsen Bird of ParadiseThis bird is recognized for its lengthy antenna-like feathers the stick out from the head. It"s located in the trees in the middle of the party, by the flower cart.

5. Lesser Bird of ParadiseRecognize the bird? It"s a pair of the greater Bird that Paradise, however a different gender. It sit on the treetops in ~ the bottom of the party, no the right.

6. Splendid Riflebird Bird the ParadiseI love this bird. The "connects" it"s wings above its head, then offers swings that is head ago and soon to entice a mate. It can likewise make that blue chest look favor a face! It"s situated in the very same tree together the King of Saxony.
The yellow-ish component in the middle is the beak, and also the blue component is the chest!
7. Sky Riflebird Bird the ParadiseGo come the top part of the party. There room some old ruin-like rocks, and also a well. Left of those is this great bird.
8. Red Bird the ParadiseFrom where you get in the party (by the shop cart), go down the path. You"ll view a tree to her right, and also a stream with a lily pad. This red bird will certainly be eating blueberries.
9. Twelve-Wired Bird the ParadiseIf you walk to the optimal of the party through the right component of the ruins, this bird will certainly be climbing up and also down a long stick!
10. Victoria"s Riflebird Bird of ParadiseThis bird looks comparable to the magnificent Riflebird, however it doesn"t have actually a blue chest. It"s appropriate of the flower cart, on a tree.
11. Western Parotia Bird that ParadiseThis is one more one of my favourite birds of paradise. It looks like a ballerina, and also it dances around to tempt a mate. If you go down and left native the shop dare (below the King Bird of Paradise), climate this dancing bird will certainly be by some rocks.
12. Wilson"s Bird of ParadiseIf you go to the lower-middle part of the stream, you"ll check out the Wilson"s bird of sky on a tree, through the lily pad.
Now, ~ seeing all of those beautiful birds, you obtain a sky Throne together a gift for completing this part of the journey Book!
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